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Articles published through E-3 Magazine International. This includes press releases by our partners as well as articles and reports from the E-3 team of journalists.

Peter M. Färbinger, Editor-in-Chief

Peter M. Färbinger is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at E-3 Magazine, B4Bmedia.net AG, Munich, Germany. He can be reached at pmf@b4bmedia.net

N. N. (Nomen Nescio)

Nomen nescio, abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person.

Werner Daehn, rtdi.io

Werner Daehn, former SAP employee, is an expert on big data and smart data integration. He is also the CEO of rtdi.io.

Friedrich Krey, Suse

Friedrich Krey is Director SAP Market EMEA Central at Suse.

Domenico Lepore, Intelligent Management

Dr. Domenico Lepore is Founder of Intelligent Management Inc. With a background in physics, he is an international expert and innovator in leveraging systems theories and complexity science to radically improve business performance. He has led international implementations with his Decalogue™ methodology at over 30 national and multinational organizations in a variety of industries including IT. His latest international publication is ‘Quality, Involvement, Flow: The Systemic Organization’ from CRC Press, New York.

Sabine Soellheim, Suse

Sabine Soellheim is Senior Alliance Manager at Suse.

Mario Zillmann, Luenendonk

Mario Zillmann is a partner of Luenendonk and an expert in management and IT consulting as well as outsourcing.

Thomas Failer, Data Migration International

Thomas Failer is the founder of Data Migration International.

Hari Candadai

Hari Candadai is the Group Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Rimini Street.

Dina Haack, xSuite Group

Dina Haack is Product Marketing Manager of xSuite Group.

Michael Kramer, IBM

Michael Kramer, IBM Cognitive Engagement Solutions CES - Watson Commerce and Marketing, is an expert of all things e-commerce with a lot of experience with the SAP community. Kramer is member of the supervisory board of E-3 publisher B4Bmedia.net.

Florian Ascherl, Deloitte

Florian Ascherl is Head of the Global SAP Licensing Competence Center of Deloitte.

Gilad David Maayan, Agile SEO

Gilad David Maayan heads Agile SEO.

Markus Schumacher, Virtual Forge

Dr. Markus Schumacher is co-founder and CEO of Virtual Forge.

Peter Langner, ADventas

Peter Langner is the founder of ADventas Consulting and SAP-certified consultant and trainer.

Rene Leppich, Arvato Systems

Rene Leppich is Manager SAP Enterprise Transformation at Arvato Systems.

Mark Smith, Support Revolution

Mark Smith is CEO at Support Revolution.

Thomas Kastner, Virtual Forge

Thomas Kastner is Managing Director of Virtual Forge. He is heading Research & Innovation, Product Development, IT, Customer Support and Professional Services.

Jody Paterson, ERP Maestro

Jody is a trusted advisor and cybersecurity thought leader who is a Certified Information Security Specialist (CISSP), a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), former director at KPMG, and founder of ERP Maestro.

Janine Wolski, GIB

Janine Wolski works in the GIB marketing department.

Zayd Mauthoor, apsolut UK

Zayd Mauthoor is Managing Director at apolut UK Ltd.

Guido Schneider, Aspera

Guido Schneider, SAP License Expert (Aspera)

Stefan Autengruber, License Ethics

Peter Koerner, Red Hat

Peter Koerner is Business Development Manager Open Hybrid Cloud SAP Solutions at Red Hat.

Richard Hunt, Turnkey Consulting

Richard is the founder member of Turnkey Consulting.

Myrja Schumacher, USU

Myrja Schumacher is Product Manager SAP at USU. Until 2020, she was Product Manager SAP at Snow Software.

Thomas Joachim, Allgeier

Thomas Joachim is Head of Line of Business SAP Customer Experience at Allgeier SE.

Andreas Schumann, Tangro

Andreas Schumann is CEO of Tangro.

Joseph Reger, Fujitsu

Dr. Joseph Reger has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with various Fujitsu entities since 2002.

Hinrich Mielke, Adesso

Hinrich Mielke is Head of the Competence Center SAP and Branch Manager Walldorf at Adesso as well as spokesman of the DSAG e.V. task force ‘SAP on Microsoft Azure’. From 2015 to 2020, he was Director SAP at Devoteam/Alegri.

Thomas Herrmann, NetApp

Thomas Herrmann is Business Development Manager SAP at NetApp.

Tobias Eberle, Data Migration Services

Tobias Eberle is the CEO of Data Migration Services.

Andreas Mayer, SEP

Andreas Mayer is Senior Marketing Manager at SEP.

Monika Puersing, ZetVisions

Monika Puersing is CEO of ZetVisions.

Michael Mattern, Horváth & Partners

Michael Mattern is Principal Enterprise Architect and coach (ERP, BW and S/4). He works as a senior expert for Horváth & Partners, an international management consultancy specialising in business management and performance optimisation.

Philipp Latini, Sivis

Philipp Latini is CEO of Sivis.

Martin Krill, Hager UB

Martin Krill has been working for Hager Unternehmensberatung for more than fifteen years and was made a managing partner in 2004.

Garrit Skrock, Rimini Street

Peter Weisbach, Realtech

Peter Weisbach is Chief Executive of Realtech Germany.

Carl Lewis, Vision 33

Carl Lewis is the Chief SAP Business One Ambassador for Vision33, the global leading SAP Business One Partner, and the primary author of the recent SAP Business One : Business User Guide published by SAP Press in December of 2016. In 2010 he founded the ASUG SAP Business One Summit, which this year transitions to the Biz.One Conference. One of the most prolific educational resources for SAP Business One, he has hosted over 600 YouTube videos about the software in the past 7 years. Few people have impacted the SAP Business One community on this scale.

Frank Brinkmann, Arvato

Frank Brinkmann is Vice President SAP Consulting at Arvato.

Jens-Gero Boehm, Suse

Jens-Gero Boehm is Director Suse Partner Sales Central Europe.

Susanne Henkel, SAE

Susanne Henkel is Managing Director at SAE Schaarschmidt Analytic Engineering.

Chicko Sousa, GreenPlat

Chicko Sousa is founder and Rebel leader of GreenPlat. He has been working with recycling technologies for over 20 years and with software for almost 10 years. In 2016, he founded GreenPlat, a clean production SaaS. In 2018, Chicko and GreenPlat were chosen by the World Economic Forum as Technology Pioneers for the third generation of blockchain (non-financial).

Gesine Liskien

Gesine Liskien is Marketing and PR manager at Tangro.

Joachim Hackmann, PAC

Joachim Hackmann is Vice President Business Applications and related Services at PAC Germany.

Josef Packowski, Camelot ITLab

Josef Packowski, PhD is CEO of the Camelot Consulting Group and an expert and pioneer in blockchain technology in the SAP community.

Frank Niemann, teknowlogy

Frank Niemann is Vice President Enterprise Apps and Related Services at teknowlogy.

Winfried Althaus, KGS

Winfried Althaus is CEO of KGS Software.

Tobias Habermann, SEAL

Tobias Habermann has been responsible for the Business Development with SEAL Systems for two years.

Joerg Schneider-Simon, Bowbridge

Joerg Schneider-Simon is CTO of Bowbridge Software, a developer for cybersercurity solutions for SAP applications.

Thomas Schuele, Oracle

Thomas Schuele is Market Development Manager SAP at Oracle.

Andreas Goebel, Camelot ITLab

Andreas Goebel is Head of Center of Digital Innovation at blockchain pioneer Camelot ITLab.

Sonja Telscher, GIB

Sonja Telscher is Director Go-to-Market/Operations at GIB.

Rafael Arto-Haumacher, Esker

Rafael Arto-Haumacher is Country Manager of Esker Germany.

Manfred Zerwas, SER Group

Manfred Zerwas is an entrepreneur of the internationally successful SER Group, Europe's largest ECM vendor. A crossover expert in business, technology and design, he has been promoting and pursuing innovation and opportunities in information management and artificial intelligence for over 20 years now in various managerial functions.

Maximilian Johannes, Allgeier

Maximilian Johannes is Solution Architect in the Retail Innovation Team of Allgeier.

Mike Ruebsamen, 2bits

Mike Ruebsamen is founder and CEO of SAP consultancy and Silver Partner 2bits.

Gottfried Welz

Gottfried Welz is a freelance IT writer.

Joerg Engelhardt, LNW-Soft

Joerg Engelhardt is Managing Consulting at LNW-Soft.

Claudia Ballhause

Claudia Ballhause is a freelance journalist and lives with her family in Córdoba, Argentina. Born in Plauen, she is a trained newspaper editor and studied comparative literature in Munich. Today, she primarily does research on the topics of digitization, new media, and digital transformation.

Peter Wagner, GTW

Peter Wagner is CEO of GTW Management Consulting

Oliver Koeth, NTT Data

Oliver Koeth is CTO of NTT Data Germany.

Angela Montgomery, Intelligent Management

Dr. Angela Montgomery is the co-founder of Intelligent Management, Inc.

Frank Zscheile

Frank Zscheile is an IT specialist editor.

Marcell Vollmer, Ariba

Dr. Marcell Vollmer has been the Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP Ariba since January 2017.

Sebastian Schönhofer, Virtual Forge

Sebastian Schönhöfer joined Virtual Forge in 2011, initially as a security consultant. In his current position as product owner he is responsible for further development of the CodeProfiler, which is the leading solution for static ABAP source code analysis.

Andrew Morris, Turnkey

Andrew Morris is Managing Consultant at Turnkey Consulting.

Holger Huegel, Secude

Holger Hügel is Vice President Products and Services at Secude.

Pawel Smolarkiewicz, Sovos

Pawel Smolarkiewicz is Chief Product Officer at Sovos.

Udo Hannemann, Vistex

Udo Hannemann is General Manager of Vistex.

Martin Kuntz, Seeburger

Dr. Martin Kuntz is Chief Cloud Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Seeburger.

Andrea Roesinger, Forcam

Andrea Roesinger is co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Forcam.

Andreas Wartenberg, Hager

Andreas Wartenberg is Managing Director and Head of IT Services at Hager Unternehmensberatung. He has been a consultant for almost 25 years in both HR and Technology.

Frank Schmidt, Onventis

Frank Schmidt is CEO of Onventis.

Lucas Beha, Allgeier

Lucas Beha is Associate Consultant Midmarket Services at Allgeier.

Simon Persin, Turnkey Consulting

Simon Persin is Director at Turnkey Consulting.

Cavan Arrowsmith, Turnkey Consulting

Cavan Arrowsmith is head of innovation at Turnkey Consulting.

Sarah Donnelly, Blue Label Labs

Sarah Donnelly is Community Outreach Coordinator and Content Lead at Blue Label Labs.

Matthias Braun, FIS-ASP

Braun is Head of SAP Delivery department at FIS-ASP.

Miroslav Antolovic, BSC Solutions

At BSC Solutions, Miroslav Antolovic is responsible for the activity area of Innovative Technologies.

Wolfgang Kroener, all4cloud

Wolfgang Kroener is Co-CEO at all4cloud and has over 20 years of experience with SAP. He has previously worked for NTT DATA / itelligence.

Matt Lovell, Centiq

Former CTO of Pulsant and current COO of Centiq, Matt Lovell is a highly respected and intelligent thought leader in the technology industry. His experience working with data centres, Cloud and, of course, Hana enables him to provide an insightful and reputable view on the digital revolution.

Marcus Ehrenwirth, Data Migration Services

Hauke Schaper, Enowa

Hauke Schaper is Senior Consultant at Enowa.

Edouard Beauvois, AiVidens

Edouard Beauvois is co-founder and CEO of AiVidens.

Robert Pöll, Imtech ICT Austria

Robert Pöll, Managing Director at Imtech ICT Austria.

Roland Goll, Lenovo

Roland Goll, Manager SAP Sales DACH-Region at Lenovo

Jennifer Utley, Ingentis

Jennifer Utley Is Marketing & PR Manager at Ingentis.

Erich Schaarschmidt, SAE

Erich Schaarschmidt is managing director at SAE Schaarschmidt Analytics Engineering.

Alexander Oberle, Tangro

Alexander Oberle is head of development for SAP products at tangro.

Craig Buck, Silver Touch Technologies

Craig Buck is a experienced Software Professional who has been involved in the industry since 2005.

Philipp Rohe, Retailsolutions

Philipp Rohe is Managing Partner at Retailsolutions.

Rachel Habbert, Cultivate

Rachel Habbert is Senior People Scientist at Cultivate.

Michael Brecht, Nagarro ES

Michael Brecht is SAP Solution Architect at Nagarro ES.

Volker Kyra, Secude

Volker Kyra is Vice President Sales EMEA at Secude, a worldwide-operating service provider of IT data-protection solutions for SAP customers.

Frank Gundlich, Datavard

Frank Gundlich is Business Development Manager at Datavard.

Paul Berka, Itelligence

Paul Berka is a Professional Consultant at Itelligence.

Marco Klein, Camelot ITLab

Marco Klein is Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise Architect at Camelot ITLab.

Jennifer Flanagan

Jennifer Flanagan is a freelance writer aiming to share her knowledge about new technology and devices.

Andreas Killinger, Seeburger

Andreas Killinger is E-Invoicing Product Manager at Seeburger.

Felix Baran, Complion

Felix Baran is Senior License Expert at and founder of Complion.

Benjamin Seifert, Nagarro ES

Benjamin Seifert is SAP Cloud Consultant at Nagarro ES.

Alexander Brocksieper, BTC

Alexander Brocksieper is Head of SAP Development at BTC.

Arman Sadeghi, All Green Recycling

Arman Sadeghi founded All Green Recycling in 2008 after watching a “60 Minutes” expose on the current state of electronics recycling in the United States and the lack of focus on Data Security and Environmental Stewardship. He is a serial entrepreneur who currently owns and operates companies in various industries including IT, Data Security, Business Consulting, Marketing, Photography and more.

Thomas Wetzel, Hager UB

Thomas Wetzel is the Business Unit Manager Training & Coaching at Hager Unternehmensberatung. He has almost 25 years of experience as a trainer and coach of employees and entrepreneurs.

Henrik Madsen, Turnkey Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience working with SAP Security, Henrik Madsen is an SAP Security Architect and the Global SAP IdM Solution Lead for Turnkey Consulting, where he specialises in designing and implementing security solutions that help clients simplify and improve processes.

Horst Heckhorn, Cenit

Horst Heckhorn is SVP SAP Solutions and Business Development at Cenit.

Michel Alexa, Datavard

Michel Alexa is Senior Manager Solution Engineering at Datavard.

Eckhard Moos, Kern

Eckhard Moos is the CEO of Kern AG.

Andreas Kranabitl, Spar

Andreas Kranabitl is managing director of the Spar Information and Communication Service GmbH, Spar’s independent IT company

Sebastian Grady, Rimini Street

Sebastian Grady is a 27 year veteran of the enterprise software industry with proven executive leadership experience and President of Rimini Street.

Sven Vorreiter, SAE

Sven Vorreiter is Head of Sales Intralogistics at SAE Schaarschmidt Analytic Engineering.

Michael Kleist, CyberArk

Michael Kleist is Regional Director D/A/CH at CyberArk in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Pedro Iglesias, Camelot ITLab

Pedro Iglesias is Head of Digital Manufacturing and Digital Innovation IoT at Camelot ITLab.

Christina Groeger, MHP

Christina Groeger is Business Development Manager SAP S/4 Hana at MHP.

Charles Homs, Oracle

Charles Homs is Vice President Global Competitive Strategies at Oracle.

Oliver Dorsner, cbs

Oliver Dorsner is Consulting Director at the managing consulting firm cbs Corporate Business Solutions.

Michael Brecht, Allgeier

Michael Brecht is an SAP consultant and project manager at Allgeier. He has been working in finance and business intelligence for 24 years.

Bastian Nominacher, Celonis

Bastian Nominacher is Co-CEO at Celonis.

Florian Saeman, Camelot ITLab

Florian Saemann is Head of Competence Center Integrated Business Planning at Camelot ITLab.

Armin Pabst, AFI Solutions

Armin Pabst is invoicing expert at AFI Solutions.

Laura Roehling, Sybit

Laura Roehling is Solution Consultant at Sybit.

Peter Schoenenberger, Data Migration International

Peter Schoenenberger is Vice President Strategic Projects and Innovation at Data Migration International.

Wolfgang Bausch, Red Hat

Wolfgang Bausch is Senior Manager SAP Business Development EMEA at Red Hat.

Norbert Thomas, Fujitsu

Norbert Thomas is Business Development Manager SAP-Infrastructures
Sales Consulting Central Europe with Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

Gabriele Roth-Dietrich

Gabriele Roth-Dietrch PhD has been professor for Enterprise Computing at the Department of Computer Science, Institute for Enterprise Computing at the Universitsy of Applied Sciences Mannheim since 2011.

Oliver Hillegaart, Jamf

Oliver Hillegaart is the D/A/CH Regional Sales Manager at Jamf. Hillegaart supports IT administrators managing Apple devices and ensures data security and employee satisfaction with mobile devices go hand in hand.

Hillegaart has over 30 years of sales experience, primarily focused in direct sales and international channel business. Among other things, he worked for IT groups such as Gemalto, SKIDATA and Unisys. At Jamf, his focus is on expanding the channel program to help companies in the D/A/CH region get the most out of their Apple device initiatives.

Giles Kirkland

Giles Kirkland is an automotive industry researcher and writer. He focuses mainly on the technological aspects of the automotive. As the world evolves faster than ever, he enjoys keeping track of all current developments and sharing his knowledge and experience with other motoring and technology enthusiasts across the globe.

Jakob Roehrenbach, Cenit

Jakob Roehrenbach is Premium Account Executive Digital Supply Chain SAP at Cenit.

Michael Roelli, Leogistics

Michael Roelli is Global Pre-Sales Lead Digital Supply Chain at Leogistics.

Mathias Klare, Mayato

Mathias Klare is IT consultant at Mayato.

Hansfrieder Weber, Innovabee

Hansfrieder Weber is founder and CFO of Innovabee.

Stella Schey, GTW

Stella Schey is SAP BRIM and RAR Consultant at GTW Management Consulting.

Sreejith Omanakuttan, Fingent

Sreejith Omanakuttan is Team Lead Open Source at Fingent.

Hendrik Zwart, Rimini Street

Jens Gleichmann, Q-Partners

Jens Gleichmann ist SAP Technical Lead Consultant at Q-Partners.

Stefan Gerum, Allgeier

Stefan Gerum is Head of Innovation Team at Allgeier.

Christian Kroschl, Camelot ITLab

CHristian Kroschl is Partner at Camelot ITLab.

Jana Hasse

Jana Hasse is marketing and communication specialist at ifm.

Thomas Pasquale, Gambit

Thomas Pasquale is CEO and Managing Partner of Gambit.

Roland Steinhilber, WSW Software

Roland Steinhilber is Head of Business Analytics at WSW Software.

Ivan Mans, Abap-Experts

Ivan Mans is co-founder of ABAP-Experts.com and passionate about writing valuable SAP software. With 20 years of SAP experience on the clock, Ivan worked across Europe, supporting and driving projects across various industries. Today Ivan is chief technical architect, continuously evolving the ABAP-Experts product portfolio.

Tom Venables, Turnkey

Tom Venables is SAP Security Architect at Turnkey Consulting.

Alan Duncan, Blue Yonder

Alan Duncan is Senior Director Industry Strategy at Blue Yonder.

Michael Neuhaus, msg treorbis

Michael Neuhaus is Managing Director at msg treorbis.

Thomas Tiede, IBS Schreiber

Thomas Tiede is CEO of IBS Schreiber.

Stefan Nusser, Fetch Robotics

Stefan Nusser is Chief Product Officer at Fetch Robotics, overseeing product strategy for all Fetch robots and solutions. Before joining Fetch, Stefan was Senior Product Manager at Google, where he led product development efforts in the area of Cloud AI, Robotics and Search Infrastructure. Prior to that, Stefan served as CEO of collaborative robot startup Redwood Robotics (acquired by Google) and Executive Director of Solutions at robotics incubator Willow Garage. Before venturing into robotics, Stefan spent 15 years at IBM Research, leading world-class research teams in the areas of Security, HCI and Services Science. Stefan is named co-inventor on more than 20 US patents, has co-authored two books and over 15 peer-reviewed publications. He holds an MBA and a PhD in Business Informatics from Vienna University for Business Administration and Economics.

Thomas Kamper, Seeburger

Thomas Kamper is Head of Strategic Product Management at Seeburger.

Roland Kunz, Dell

Dr. Roland Kunz is Enterprise Strategist, Software-Defined Data Center at Dell.

Michael Grötsch, Circle Unlimited

Michael Grötsch is a Board member at Circle Unlimited.

Benedikt Friedl, Celonis

Benedikt Friedl is Business Analytics Manager at Celonis and responsible for the Data Sience department.

Monika Becker, Hager UB

Dr. Monika Becker is the Head of Business Unit Software, Hager Unternehmensberatung.

She has been active as a consultant for Hager Unternehmensberatung since 2001. In the Business Unit Software, she and her team fill demanding technical and leadership positions for clients whose business consists of solutions based on standard software or custom software developments.

Markus Kuhl, Camelot ITLab

Markus Kuhl is Flow Metrics Lead at Camelot ITLab.

Markus Kruse, Microsoft

Markus Kruse is SAP Sales Lead Nordics & CEE, Global Strategic Pursuit Team, at Microsoft.

Benjamin Latusek, Arvato Systems

Benjamin Latusek is SAP C/4 Hana Solution Architect at Arvato Systems.

Jake Echanove, Lemongrass

Jake Echanove is Senior Vice President of Solution Architecture at Lemongrass.

Thomas Buettner, Compiricus

Thomas Buettner is Director at Compiricus.

Dirk Biehler, Datavard

Dirk Biehler is Chief Architect for CanaryCode at Datavard

Patrick Boch, Virtual Forge

Patrick Boch is Director Product Marketing at Virtual Forge

Juergen Beckers, Rechtsanwaelte BDH

In 1998, Juergen Beckers founded the law firm Rechtsanwaelte BDH which specializes in IT law. Since then, he has been advising German as well as American software companies, especially on the topic of SAP and Indirect Access.

Annie Wilmer, Valantic

Annie Wilmer is Head of Marketing and Customer Engagement & Commerce at Valantic.

Jeanette Mifsud, Winshuttle

Jeanette Mifsud is Manager of Product Marketing at Winshuttle.

Goetz Haeussler, All for One

Goetz Haeussler is Sales Director IoT at All for One Group.

Christoph Tieben, Arvato

Christoph Tieben is head of SAP Consulting Logistics at Arvato.

Arno Michelis, Simus Systems

Arno Michelis is CEO of Simus Systems.

Matthias Kraus, Leogistics

Matthias Kraus is Manager SAP EWM at Leogistics.


The company Celonis focuses on enterprise management and process mining.

Sebastian Gueler, Dell

Sebastian Gueler is Practice Director and Global Competency Lead for SAP Transformations

Anton Kurz, Celonis

Anton Kurz is Head of Customer Success Management at Celonis.

Rainer Suletzki, ISG

Rainer Suletzki is Independent IT Management Advisor on behalf of Information Services Group (ISG).

Dean Hager, Jamf

Dean Hager is CEO of Jamf.

Michael Scherf, All for One

Michael Scherf is member of executive management at All for One.

Stephanie Bender, HR Campus

Stephanie Bender is HCM Consultant at HR Campus.

Shubhradeep Nandi, PiChain

Shub is co-founder and CEO Of PiChain. He is an entrepreneur passionate about cutting-edge technology that makes human lives better. He is on a quest to achieve sustainable compliance for 500 entities by 2025. He has decades of experience in building and selling software for finance and regulatory compliance management. At PiChain, Shub provides organizational leadership with his unique combination of business understanding and technical acumen.

Jens Arndt, Leogistics

Jens Arndt is Consultant SAP Logistics at Leogistics.

Gregor Stöckler, Datavard

Gregor Stöckler is CEO of Datavard.

Steffen Joswig, Camelot IT Lab

Steffen Joswig is Managing Partner at Camelot IT Lab.

Aseem Gaur, Camelot ITLab

Aseem Gaur is Chief Leonardo Officer at Camelot ITLab.

Lars Schwabe, Lufthansa

Lars Schwabe is Director for Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain at Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

Christoph Granig, GTW

Christoph Granig is Manager GTW Switzerland at GTW Management Consulting.

Jens Zschuppe, Compiricus

Jens Zschuppe is authorized representative of Compiricus.

Stefan Weiss, Teamwork Switzerland

Stefan Weiss is Sales Director at Teamwork Switzerland.

Andre Weller, Fujitsu

Andre Welller is the Head of SAP Commerce Manager SAP Commerce & Analytics at Fujitsu.

Anton Hofmeier, Flexera

Anton Hofmeier is Regional Vice President DACH at Flexera Software.

Ralf Meyer, Synomic

Ralf Meyer is founder of Synomic and SAP ecosystem activist.

Peter Buxmann

Peter Buxmann is professor of business informatics, software and digital business at TU Darmstadt, Germany. He is head of the innovation center "Highest".

Tim-Lorenz Schaefer, ABS Team

Tim-Lorenz Schaefer works as SAP SuccessFactors Consultant at ABS Team.

Carolin Fuss, Consilio

Carolin Fuss is partner at Consilio GmbH.

Christoph Menne, Apsolut

Christoph Menne is partner at Apsolut.

Matthias Lemenkuehler, xSuite

Matthias Lemenkuehler is the CEO of xSuite.

Michael Sass, Dell

Michael Sass is Senior Systems Consultant at Dell Software.

Stefan Schwenzl, T.Con

Stefan Schwenzl is Team Leader - Business Intelligence at T.Con.

Robert Wieczorek, cbs

Robert Wieczorek is a senior solution architect at cbs Corporate Business Solutions. As a project lead, he is also responsible for customs tariff preference management and cbs SAP GTS cloud.

Andreas Fritz, Turnkey Consulting

Andreas Fritz is a Senior Consultant at Turnkey Consulting.

Oliver Rupprecht, Osram

Oliver Rupprecht heads IT Enterprise Services Business Integration at Osram Germany.

Key Pousttchi, University of Potsdam

Prof. Dr. Key Pousttchi, University of Potsdam, SAP Foundation Professor for Business Informatics and Digitalization, in particular lT Strategy and lT Viability.

Simon Bouchez, Multiposting

Simon Bouchez is the CEO of Multiposting.

Michael Seifert, GISA

Michael Seifert is the head of Architecture Management & Business Transformation at GISA, an IT service provider from Germany.

Carl-Philipp Mueller, Allgeier

Carl-Philipp Mueller is Principal Business Development Manager at Allgeier.

Jasmina Cejan, GTW

Jasmina Cejan is Principal Consultant at GTW Management Consulting.

Kevin Becker, Dotaki

Kevin Becker is co-founder and CMO of Dotaki.

Alban Clot and Cyrille de Gastines, Supervizor

Alban Clot, co-founder and Managing Director (Sales & Operations) on the left, and Cyrille de Gastines, co-founder and Managing director (R&D) on the right, both Supervizor. A graduate of ESCP Europe, Alban began his career in the consulting industry. He held several positions until he became a partner within an independant consulting firm. He then co-founded Supervizor with Cyrille de Gastines and held the position of Director of Operations. Alban is now leading all business development, marketing and operations teams, and is in charge of the international expansion of Supervizor. Cyrille graduated from Paris Dauphine University before working at EY for 12 years. He is now in charge of its technological development.

Damien Schirrer, Orbis France

Damien Schirrer is Managing Director France at Orbis.

Denny Schreber, cbs

Senior Solution Architect Denny Schreber is responsible for topics related to enterprise mobility and SAP Fiori UX at cbs Corporate Business Solutions GmbH.

Benjamin Storm, Mercateo

Benjamin Storm is an accomplished expert in procurement and Head of Partner Management at Mercateo.

André Klos, Pikon

André Klos is Senior Consultant and Head of Business Intelligence at Pikon.

Martin Zidek, FIS

Martin Zidek is head of sales-business unit SAP, technological wholesale and industry at FIS.

Martin Ehret, Ajco Solutions

Martin Ehret is CEO of Ajco Solutions.

Christian Berendt, 23 Technologies

Christian Berendt is CEO of 23 Technologies.

Jürgen Dominik, Dell

Jürgen Domnik is Director, Strategic Programs at Dell Enterprise Solutions Group.

Benjamin Duppe, Pikon

Benjamin Duppe is a business-intelligence consultant at Pikon Deutschland and an expert on Embedded Analytics.

Jana, Jentzsch, Jentzsch IT

Dr. Jana Jentzsch is a lawyer specializing in IT law and is the managing director of Jentzsch IT.

Dominika Kmetova, Datavard

Dominika Kmetova is an SAP Consultant at Datavard. Her main focus is on SLO and data conversion with a specialization on migration projects and complex system scans in the analysis stage.

Marcus Goerke, Next Data Services

Marcus Goerke is founder and Member of the Board of Next Data Services.

Tyler Constable, Syslink Xandria

Tyler Constable is a senior SAP professional with over 10 years of experience managing, deploying and monitoring SAP systems.

Joy Aboim, Cisco

Joy Aboim is Data Centre Solutions Business Development Manager at Cisco.

Andreas Greilhuber, Anyline

Andreas Greilhuber is the Chief Operating Officer of Anyline. Previously, he was a partner at IBM, and a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, among other firms.

Markus Wieser, Atoss

Markus Wieser is Executive Director Product Management at Atoss.

Otto Schell, DSAG e.V.

Otto Schell is Global Business Service Regional Lead & Head of SAP CCoE Europe at Adam Opel and also a member of the DSAG board.

Sebastian Reim, Trumpf

Sebastian Reim is SAP Development Team Lead at Trumpf.

Christoph Ernst, SAP

Christoph Ernst is Senior Director Finance Solutions at SAP.

Sandra Justin, BSC Solutions

Sandra Justin is Product Service Management ScrumBoard at BSC Solutions.

Mark Van De Wiel, HVR

Mark Van De Wiel is CTO of HVR Software.

Stefan Rother, Nagarro ES

Stefan Rother is Executive Director Managed Services at Nagarro ES.

Myrko Rudolph, Exapture

Myrko Rudolph is CEO of Exapture.

Peter Rattey

Peter Rattey is an SAP Licensing Expert at Voquz.

Ekrem Namzci, Datavard

Ekrem Namazci is Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) at Datavard.

Detlev Steinbinder, PBS

Detlev Steinbinder is a partner of PBS Software.

Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Chip Childers is Executive Director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Efrat Vulfsons, PR Soprano

Efrat Vulfsons is the co-founder of PR Soprano and a data-driven marketing enthusiast, parallel to her soprano opera singing career. Efrat holds a B.F.A from the Jerusalem Music Academy in Opera Performance.

Guido Schneider, SLC365

Guido Schneider is the founder of Software License Compliance 365 (SLC365).

Jens Peter (JP) Gotter, Dell

Jens Peter (JP) Gotter is Head of Global SAP Center of Excellence and a Director at Dell in Frankfurt/Main.

Steve Blum, Camelot IT Lab

Steve Blum is a Consultant at Camelot ITLab.

Gary Burt, Atos

Gary Burt is Global Product Manager Cloud, Infrastructure and Data Management at Atos.

Hagen Schoenfeld, Hager UB

Hagen Schoenfeld is the Business Unit Manager of the Manufacturing & Engineering business unit at Hager Unternehmensberatung. Prior to joining Hager Unternehmensberatung, he spent many years as a consultant in an international executive search firm.

Tobias Höll, cbs

Tobias Höll works for cbs Corporate Business Solutions as Manager in the System Landscape Transformation division.

Sean Joyce, Navint

Sean Joyce is EVP, Technology and Strategy at Navint.

Erik Fogg, ProdPerfect

Erik Fogg is co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ProdPerfect, an autonomous E2E regression testing solution that leverages data from live user behavior.

Matthias Krefeld, Nagarro ES

Matthias Krefeld is Executive Director Retail and Media Services at Nagarro.

Josef Richter, Giesecke & Devrient

Dr. Josef Richter is Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the technology
corporation Giesecke & Devrient in Munich. Until September 2015 he was CIO with the industrial enterprise Hoerbiger.

E. M. Ordóñez del Campo, T-Systems

Elena María Ordóñez del Campo is Senior Vice President SAP Solutions at T-Systems.

Heinrich Wilking, Turnkey Consulting

Heinrich Wilking is the director of Turnkey Consulting in Germany. He has specific expertise in internal controls, automation of preventive business process controls, identity Management (IdM), SAP Security and SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and extensive experience of implementation projects in various industries including energy, chemicals, life science, consumer products and oil and gas.

Sabine Schindler, ABS Team

Sabine Schindler is User Experience Designer at ABS Team.

Oliver Spoelgen, Mait

Oliver Spoelgen is CEO of Mait.

Ginger Woolridge, Lightyear

Ginger Woolridge is the Head of Growth at Lightyear, a web platform that helps businesses comparison shop for network services (dedicated internet access, WAN solutions, VoIP, managed services, etc.).

Robert Korec

Dirk Jennerjahn, IA4SP

Dirk Jennerjahn is a Member of the Board at the International Association for SAP Partners (IA4SP) ad Managing Director at J&S-Soft.

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck, Eperi

Elmar Eperiese-Beck is founder and CEO of eperi, a provider of cloud data security.

Axel Haas, Seeburger

Axel Haas is co-CEO of Seeburger.

Olivier Rohou, eLamp

Olivier Rohou is CEO of eLamp. A former industrial engineer, he co-founded eLamp in 2015 with two of his former classmates, both computer engineers.

Christian Koch, NTT Data

Christian Koch is Vice President Cybersecurity and Lead of IoT/OT at NTT Data.

Ralph Dehner, B1 Systems

Ralph Dehner is CEO of B1 Systems.

Markus Kammermeier, T. Con

Markus Kammermeier is Business Unit Manager HCM and Member of the Board T.Con.

Julian Ruterschmidt, Allgeier

Julian Ruterschmidt works as a data scientist in the Retail Innovation Team at Allgeier.

Thomas Bludau, SVA

Thomas Bludau is System Engineer at SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH.

Alex Armson, Turnkey Consulting

Alex Armson is GRC Analyst at Turnkey Consulting.

Mélanie Mollard, Heuritech

Mélanie Mollard is the Fashion Editor and PR Officer of Heuritech, a trend forecasting company based in artificial intelligence for the fashion industry.

Aleksandra Arsic

Aleksandra Arsic is a content specialist at CryptoBlokes.com. She’s a bitcoin and blockchain technology research author with a background in economics. Other areas of focus include growth in marketing, IT, and e-commerce.

Nicole Dufft, PAC

Nicole Dufft is independent Vice President with PAC. Founded in 1976, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is part of CXP Group, the leading independent European research and consulting firm for the software, IT services and digital transformation industry.

Irene Hopf

Irene Hopf is a global thought leader for SAP solutions at Lenovo.

Andreas Klaus Span, IBM

Andreas Klaus Span is Director & Business Unit Executive, SAP Hana on Power & Cognitive Sales, IBM Power Systems EMEA, IBM Sales & Distribution, STG Sales, IBM Global Markets.

Stefan Thomann, blue.works

Stefan Thoman is SAP Technology Architect and ALM Consultant at blue.works.

Alon Ghelber, Revuze

Alon Ghelber is a Tel Aviv-based Chief Marketing Officer who supports B2B tech startups in capturing customers’ (and VCs’) attention through marketing based on data-driven storytelling.

Arthur Woods, Mathison

Arthur Woods is the co-founder of Mathison.

Alfred Grünert, FWI

Alfred Grünert is Division Manager Business Intelligence at FWI Information Technology.

David Spaeth, WMD Group

David Spaeth is Product Marketing Manager at WMD Group.

Joern Doering

Joern Doering is Managing Director at Detect Value. As Principal Consultant he is working with national and international customers on introducing SAP BW, BO and Hana.

Ferhat Eryurt, Apsolut

Ferhat Eryurt is Partner at Apsolut.

Jörg Landwehr, Basis Technologies

Joerg Landwehr is working as Managing Director at Basis Technologies and brings over 20 years’ experience in the software industry. With a vast SAP knowledge, he drives agile developments forward every day.

Julia Rettig, Allgeier

Julia Rettig is a Senior Business Development Manager S/4 Hana at Allgeier.

Thomas Haendly, Enowa

Thomas Haendly is CDO for Industry at Enowa.

Eyal Herson, OpenLegacy

Eyal Herson is VP SaaS Products at OpenLegacy.

Avichai Belitsky, Youtiligent

Avichai Belitsky is the CEO of Youtiligent. He is a business leader with over 20 years of hands-on experience in business development, company management and innovation.

Daniel Rotter, Leogistics

Daniel Rotter is Senior Consultant SAP Logistics at Leogistics.

Matthias Czwikla, HDS

Matthias Czwikla is vice president Global SAP Field Alliance at HDS.

Bas Raayman, Nutanix

Bas Raayman is a Systems Engineering Manager for Global Accounts at Nutanix.

Roland Bullivant, Silwood Technology

Roland Bullivant is Sales and Marketing Director at Silwood Technology.

Andreas Krings-Stern, Tangro

Andreas Krings-Stern is head of development for web applications at tangro.

Michael Missbach, Syntax

Michael Missbach is Global SAP Architect at Syntax.

Oliver Belin, TradeIX

Oliver Belin is Chief Marketing Officer of TradeIX.

Arthitaya Kosolkamolmas, Blueworks

Arthitaya Kosolkamolmas is SAP ALM Consultant at Blueworks.

Robert Platzgummer, Cartoonist

Robert Platzgummer was the e3zine.com cartoonist. He worked for E-3 Magazine's German Edition in Munich for more than 15 years, sadly loosing his battle with cancer on December 30th 2016

Peter Leitner, SEP

At SEP, Peter Leitner is Solutions Specialist for SAP.

Julian Vögele, NTT Data

Julian Vögele is Consultant in Business Transformation Consulting at NTT Data.

Norman Merten, QSC

Norman Merten is Retail Consultant and Innovation Architect at QSC.

Christoph Garms, Neptune Software

Christoph Garms is Presales Manager at Neptune Software.

Matthias Fessenbecker, Seeburger

Matthias Fessenbecker is Chief Technology Officer of Seeburger.

Billy Kazantzis, Sovos

Billy Kazantzis is director of product management at Sovos.

Stefan Heins, Circle Unlimited

Stefan Heins is Managing Director of Circle Unlimited.

Jessica Bullet

A journalist by profession, Jessica Bullet has extensive experience in writing about various topics, including technology, gadgets, travel, social media, and digital marketing. If she's not writing articles for Software Tested, she's either watching her favorite TV series or playing video games.

Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann, Arvato

Bernd Jaschinski - Schürmann is Manager Supply Chain Consulting at Arvato Systems.

Eamonn O'Neill, Lemongrass

Eamonn O’Neill is the co-founder, director, and chief customer officer at Lemongrass.

Peter Wohlfarth, Theobald

Peter Wohlfarth is CEO of Theobald Software.

Stefan Westhäusser, MHP

Stefan Westhäusser is a Manager at MHP.

Chris Boyle, Turnkey Consulting

Chris Boyle is Practice Director Identity and Access Management (IdAM) at Turnkey Consulting.

Raimund Genes

Raimund Genes is Chief Technology Officer at Trend Micro. With his team, he is responsible for developing and introducing new methods for recognising and combating malware and for defence against economic espionage.

Carsten Lang, KPMG

Carsten Lang is a Partner at KPMG Consulting & Head of Software Asset Management.

Achim Beckmann

At Itelligence, Achim Beckmann is Principal Manager Hybris-PMP and Customer Engagement & Commerce.

Nick Porter, Silwood Technology

Nick Porter is a founder and Technical Director of Silwood Technology Ltd, the originator of Safyr, a metadata exploration tool for large enterprise application packages such as SAP, Salesforce, PeopleSoft and Microsoft Dynamics.

Christoph Leitner, Zenscrape

Christoph Leitner is a full-stack developer and a committed team member at Zenscrape, a subsidiary of Saas.industries.

Bernhard Morell

Bernhard Morell has been Chief Executive for Development at KGS since 2015. He has worked for the company since 2006.

Abacus Cambridge Partners

Abacus Cambridge Partners (Abacus) is a company galvanised by the global economic transformation being propelled by the fourth industrial revolution.

Vigilance Chari

Vigilance Chari is an experienced copywriter and international presenter who uses content marketing to build a strong online presence that generates leads for her clients.

Jochen Ziegler, IBM

Jochen Ziegler is Leading Solar (SAP Solution Architect), Technical Sales Professional and Consulting IT Specialist, IBM Sales & Distribution, Technical Architects, IBM SAP Infrastructure Solutions eTS D-A-CH.

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