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Articles published through E-3 Magazine International. This includes press releases by our partners as well as articles and reports from the E-3 team of journalists.

Peter M. Färbinger, Editor-in-Chief

Peter M. Färbinger is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at E-3 Magazine, AG, Munich, Germany. He can be reached at [email protected]

N. N. (Nomen Nescio)

Nomen nescio, abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person.

Friedrich Krey, Suse

Friedrich Krey is Global Alliance Director SAP at Infosys.

Werner Daehn,

Werner Daehn, former SAP employee, is an expert on big data and smart data integration. He is also the CEO of

Mario Zillmann, Luenendonk

Mario Zillmann is a partner of Luenendonk and an expert in management and IT consulting as well as outsourcing.

Sabine Soellheim, Suse

Sabine Soellheim is Senior Alliance Manager at Suse.

Domenico Lepore, Intelligent Management

Dr. Domenico Lepore is Founder of Intelligent Management Inc. With a background in physics, he is an international expert and innovator in leveraging systems theories and complexity science to radically improve business performance. He has led international implementations with his Decalogue™ methodology at over 30 national and multinational organizations in a variety of industries including IT. His latest international publication is ‘Quality, Involvement, Flow: The Systemic Organization’ from CRC Press, New York.

Thomas Failer, Data Migration International

Thomas Failer is the founder of Data Migration International.

Hari Candadai

Hari Candadai is the Group Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Rimini Street.

Michael Kramer, IBM

Michael Kramer, IBM Cognitive Engagement Solutions CES - Watson Commerce and Marketing, is an expert of all things e-commerce with a lot of experience with the SAP community. Kramer is member of the supervisory board of E-3 publisher

Florian Ascherl, Deloitte

Florian Ascherl is Head of the Global SAP Licensing Competence Center of Deloitte.

Gilad David Maayan, Agile SEO

Gilad David Maayan heads Agile SEO.

Markus Schumacher, Virtual Forge

Dr. Markus Schumacher is co-founder and CEO of Virtual Forge.

Peter Langner, ADventas

Peter Langner is the founder of ADventas Consulting and SAP-certified consultant and trainer.

Rene Leppich, Arvato Systems

Rene Leppich is Manager SAP Enterprise Transformation at Arvato Systems.

Dina Haack, xSuite Group

Dina Haack is Product Marketing Manager of xSuite Group.

Thomas Kastner, Virtual Forge

Thomas Kastner is Managing Director of Virtual Forge. He is heading Research & Innovation, Product Development, IT, Customer Support and Professional Services.

Jody Paterson, ERP Maestro

Jody is a trusted advisor and cybersecurity thought leader who is a Certified Information Security Specialist (CISSP), a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), former director at KPMG, and founder of ERP Maestro.

Janine Wolski, GIB

Janine Wolski works in the GIB marketing department.

Zayd Mauthoor, apsolut UK

Zayd Mauthoor is Managing Director at apolut UK Ltd.

Guido Schneider, Aspera

Guido Schneider, SAP License Expert (Aspera)

Stefan Autengruber, License Ethics

Mark Smith, Support Revolution

Mark Smith is CEO at Support Revolution.

Richard Hunt, Turnkey Consulting

Richard is the founder member of Turnkey Consulting.

Thomas Joachim, Allgeier

Thomas Joachim is Head of Line of Business SAP Customer Experience at Allgeier SE.

Andreas Schumann, Tangro

Andreas Schumann is CEO of Tangro.

Joseph Reger, Fujitsu

Dr. Joseph Reger has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with various Fujitsu entities since 2002.

Thomas Herrmann, NetApp

Thomas Herrmann is Business Development Manager SAP at NetApp.

Tobias Eberle, Data Migration Services

Tobias Eberle is the CEO of Data Migration Services.

Lucas Beha, Allgeier

Lucas Beha is Associate Consultant Midmarket Services at Allgeier.

Andreas Mayer, SEP

Andreas Mayer is Senior Marketing Manager at SEP.

Simon Persin, Turnkey Consulting

Simon Persin is Director at Turnkey Consulting.

Cavan Arrowsmith, Turnkey Consulting

Cavan Arrowsmith is head of innovation at Turnkey Consulting.

Monika Puersing, ZetVisions

Monika Puersing is CEO of ZetVisions.

Michael Mattern, Horváth & Partners

Michael Mattern is Principal Enterprise Architect and coach (ERP, BW and S/4). He works as a senior expert for Horváth & Partners, an international management consultancy specialising in business management and performance optimisation.

Martin Krill, Hager UB

Martin Krill has been working for Hager Unternehmensberatung for more than fifteen years and was made a managing partner in 2004.

Garrit Skrock, Rimini Street

Peter Weisbach, Realtech

Peter Weisbach is Chief Executive of Realtech Germany.

Carl Lewis, Vision 33

Carl Lewis is the Chief SAP Business One Ambassador for Vision33, the global leading SAP Business One Partner, and the primary author of the recent SAP Business One : Business User Guide published by SAP Press in December of 2016. In 2010 he founded the ASUG SAP Business One Summit, which this year transitions to the Biz.One Conference. One of the most prolific educational resources for SAP Business One, he has hosted over 600 YouTube videos about the software in the past 7 years. Few people have impacted the SAP Business One community on this scale.

Frank Brinkmann, Arvato

Frank Brinkmann is Vice President SAP Consulting at Arvato.

Jens-Gero Boehm, Suse

Jens-Gero Boehm is Director Suse Partner Sales Central Europe.

Susanne Henkel, SAE

Susanne Henkel is Managing Director at SAE Schaarschmidt Analytic Engineering.

Gesine Liskien

Gesine Liskien is Marketing and PR manager at Tangro.

Josef Packowski, Camelot ITLab

Josef Packowski, PhD is CEO of the Camelot Consulting Group and an expert and pioneer in blockchain technology in the SAP community.

Frank Niemann, teknowlogy

Frank Niemann is Vice President Enterprise Apps and Related Services at teknowlogy.

Tobias Habermann, SEAL

Tobias Habermann has been responsible for the Business Development with SEAL Systems for two years.

Joerg Schneider-Simon, Bowbridge

Joerg Schneider-Simon is CTO of Bowbridge Software, a developer for cybersercurity solutions for SAP applications.

Thomas Schuele, Oracle

Thomas Schuele is Market Development Manager SAP at Oracle.

Andreas Goebel, Camelot ITLab

Andreas Goebel is Head of Center of Digital Innovation at blockchain pioneer Camelot ITLab.

Sonja Telscher, GIB

Sonja Telscher is Director Go-to-Market/Operations at GIB.

Rafael Arto-Haumacher, Esker

Rafael Arto-Haumacher is Country Manager of Esker Germany.

Manfred Zerwas, SER Group

Manfred Zerwas is an entrepreneur of the internationally successful SER Group, Europe's largest ECM vendor. A crossover expert in business, technology and design, he has been promoting and pursuing innovation and opportunities in information management and artificial intelligence for over 20 years now in various managerial functions.

Maximilian Johannes, Allgeier

Maximilian Johannes is Solution Architect in the Retail Innovation Team of Allgeier.

Mike Ruebsamen, 2bits

Mike Ruebsamen is founder and CEO of SAP consultancy and Silver Partner 2bits.

Gottfried Welz

Gottfried Welz is a freelance IT writer.

Joerg Engelhardt, LNW-Soft

Joerg Engelhardt is Managing Consulting at LNW-Soft.

Peter Wagner, GTW

Peter Wagner is CEO of GTW Management Consulting

Frank Zscheile

Frank Zscheile is an IT specialist editor.

Marcell Vollmer, Ariba

Dr. Marcell Vollmer has been the Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP Ariba since January 2017.

Peter Koerner, Red Hat

Peter Koerner is Business Development Manager Open Hybrid Cloud SAP Solutions at Red Hat.