Author - Domenico Lepore, Intelligent Management

Dr. Domenico Lepore is Founder of Intelligent Management Inc. With a background in physics, he is an international expert and innovator in leveraging systems theories and complexity science to radically improve business performance. He has led international implementations with his Decalogue™ methodology at over 30 national and multinational organizations in a variety of industries including IT. His latest international publication is ‘Quality, Involvement, Flow: The Systemic Organization’ from CRC Press, New York.

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Solving The Complexity Problem

The only way to solve systemic problems is through systemic thinking. This is what allows us to step back and ask the fundamental questions so we can develop valid solutions. In this article, we look at the questions that allow us to find out what...

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Out Of The Crisis

The global crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting a serious knowledge gap in leaders and managers that leaves them unprepared to interpret...

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