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Transform Paperwork Into Digital Journeys

Eliminating manual processes and replacing them with digital journeys - this is EasySend's mission.

Many organizations still rely on manual processes, leaving plenty of room for human error and poor customer service. With PDF and manual paper forms, analyzing or optimizing the form completion process becomes a burden.

Large enterprises, such as insurance companies and financial institutions, who traditionally rely on paperwork to support core business processes, are struggling to keep up with the demand for digital transformation which has intensified since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. PDF forms and other manual processes are not only more likely to lead to human error and poor customer service, but they are also static processes that fall short of analyzing and optimizing the customer form completion experience. Today, many enterprises that digitize their operations hire a team of developers to do the job, which not only takes months, but is also costly. Beyond that, once enterprises in finance, banking, and insurance go digital, they usually struggle to ensure that all their sales are signed, recorded, and stored in a safe and efficient manner.

Transform paperwork into digital journeys

Omer Shirazi, Eran Shirazi, and Tal Daskal worked at one of the largest insurance companies in Israel and saw first-hand the extent of the problem that paperwork and manual processes create in financial services. They understand the internal pain of employees – the amount of paper and PDF forms that need to be filled out just doesn’t make sense. And that’s how the idea for EasySend was born. Easysend’s mission is to eliminate manual processes and replace them with digital journeys. The startup is helping companies transform paperwork-based processes, PDFs and more into smart and dynamic digital journeys in minutes with a click of a button – without writing a single line of code.

EasySend’s focus is not only to digitize existing manual processes, but to take it one step further and to build optimized digital journeys that impact enterprises’ bottom line. It offers a comprehensive solution to customer-facing challenges, transforming the way that insurers communicate with their customers from the bottom up, enabling true digital transformation and agility in a traditionally slow-moving space.

With a simple to use, drag-and-drop no-code application builder, EasySend enables business users without technical knowledge to quickly build digital customer journeys without having to resort to lengthy and expensive development projects that strain internal resources. EasySend’s data visibility and optimization tools help business users continuously improve ROI of digital channels and boost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

In the current environment, insurers are forced to go from having no digital customer support solution to migrating everything online with never-before-seen urgency. EasySend’s no-code solution is uniquely positioned to help financial enterprises achieve just that.

If you want to know more about EasySend’s solution and its connection to SAP, one of its co-founders, Tal Daskal, sat down for an interview with E-3 Magazine to explain what the company has to offer.

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