Blockchain: What Are The Benefits For SAP Customers?
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Blockchain: What Are The Benefits For SAP Customers?

On the subject of blockchain and other technological trends, the question facing companies is this: Is the technology even relevant for my company? In what areas does its use make the most sense and what added value will I have?

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There is hardly any time left to answer basic questions on blockchain, as the IT and business world is spinning faster and faster. How can companies still manage to make viable decisions in the shortest possible time and not miss out on megatrends? In response to this question, Camelot Innovative Technologies (Camelot ITLab) developed the Digital Experience2 product and service portfolio. In an interview, Steffen Joswig, Managing Partner of Camelot ITLab, explains what it’s all about.

Mr. Joswig, what was the motivation behind Camelot Digital Experience2?

Steffen Joswig: Companies are often overwhelmed when faced with the wide range of technological possibilities and the speed at which new megatrends appear. They are confronted with a host of already existing digital business cases but find themselves unable to apply these to their own company. The problem cannot be solved merely with digital consulting concepts that take the shape of PowerPoint slides. Companies need some hands-on experience with new technologies and their digital return on investment so as to be in a position to make sensible decisions in the shortest time possible on whether or not to use a particular technology. We developed Digital Experience2 for this very reason.

What is Digital Experience2 all about?

Joswig: As the name suggests, it’s about technological megatrends, for example blockchain. The focus is on faster digital value creation for innovative customer applications that can be individually experienced. Digital Experience2 is a complete package consisting of various prefabricated software modules with easily configurable templates and harmonized methods for developing digital innovations. Tested team approaches favoring innovation and agile, fast development methods provide specific results as proof of digital ROI in less than four weeks – which signifies a unique client offer to date in terms of scope and speed.

You mentioned software modules and configurable templates. What is actually meant here? And what role do SAP solutions play in this context?

Joswig: The centerpiece of Digital Experience2 is the so-called “Digital Workbench”, which combines the various software modules and templates. These in turn are based on new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital voice, IoT connectivity and cloud technology. In particular, the Digital Workbench includes the Twinification Bridge, a Camelot IoT service and a connectivity template for generating “digital twins”, the Camelot Hypertrust Platform, a blockchain-based model for developing distributed applications, and what is known as the AI Composer for the rapid development of AI and digital voice applications. The Digital Workbench is largely based on the basic technology portfolio of SAP Leonardo, the new platform of SAP for digital innovation, and will be developed from this in future.

How does Digital Experience2 work in practice?

Joswig: Digital Experience2 includes a clearly defined, 3-phase process: During the first phase, “Ideate and Innovate”, ideas for innovative digital use cases are developed together with the client with the help of Design Thinking methods. In phase two, “Compose and Construct”, Camelot Group’s own Centers of Digital Innovation develop specific applications using the Digital Workbench. Modern, agile methods that enable application development in short sprints are used during this phase. Phase three, “Discover and Drive”, includes the “touch & zoom” experience and validation of the application and its value proposition for the customer. Following this, an initial action plan for the client-specific realization is drafted.

What are the actual benefits for customers?

Joswig: The main advantages for customers are: They get company-specific use cases for digital technologies within just four weeks. Through the physical experience of technological megatrends and their digital return on investment, they are in a position to make viable decisions. And last but not least: the good feeling of finally seeing their way clearly through the mist of digital possibilities.


E-3 Magazine (German) March 2018

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