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Turnkey Consulting Announces Joint Venture With Legion Star

Risk management company Turnkey Consulting is to expand its U.S. footprint via a joint venture (JV) agreement with Legion Star, a provider of enterprise risk management services headquartered in the United States.

Having operated a partnership model in the region for several years, driving up its business in the U.S. is a core strategic objective for Turnkey. The new JV partnership enables the company to offer its identity and access management (IAM), integrated risk management (IRM) and cyber and application security services to more clients in the U.S. market and better service its global clients with U.S. operations. It will help organizations manage these disciplines, with a particular focus on the unique identity challenges of SAP S/4 Hana resulting from the hybrid landscape in which these projects operate.

Legion Star, whose business operations focus on identity management, cloud application integration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services, and implementing intelligent AI, will benefit from partnering with Turnkey’s client network and resource capabilities globally. With complementary offerings, Turnkey and Legion Star will combine forces to drive new business in North America as well as offer new service opportunities to current clients worldwide. Their collaboration benefits from the global shift to remote working that has opened up effective and efficient ways to operate with teams across the world, meaning that the companies can deliver the relevant skillset based on client need rather than location.

As well as facilitating mutual client introductions, the initial JV is structured as a vehicle to enable marketing initiatives such as collaborative events, and has been given substance by a joint marketing initiative. Both companies have made contributions to kick-start a lead generation and acquisition campaign.

Turnkey undertook an extensive six-month research and due diligence process before selecting Legion Star as its preferred partner based on its IAM capabilities, as well as the alignment of its service offerings and organizational values.


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