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The Importance Of AIoT In Healthcare

Now that all eyes are on the Covid vaccine distribution, it’s time to realize the importance of AIoT-based predictive maintenance for vaccine logistics and safety.

Vaccines require strict conditions to ensure high quality and safety, especially COVID-19 vaccines. Distributing doses effectively worldwide while keeping the vaccines at minus 70 degrees celsius as they’re transported and stored around the world will likely be the greatest logistical challenge of all. Cold-chain compliance requires a reliable supply of electricity, access to refrigeration and, for some vaccines, advanced freezers that can reach extremely low temperatures. ​

Most of the existing solutions still can’t fully supply safety storage of vaccines. Hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals and academic institutes that are testing and storing vaccines, such as COVID-19 vaccines, are still lacking visibility on the real-time state and performance of their refrigerators.

Existing solutions today are focused on sensors and smart refrigerators. Temperature monitoring has been part of the storage safety regulation for quite some time. The concept of temperature monitoring is not new and with today’s technological progression and IoT solutions, refrigerators’ temperature data can be tracked, stored in the cloud, and analyzed. As a result, the system can sound an alarm in real time when temperatures don’t comply with safety regulations. The problem with current solutions is that they notify the company of the problem only once a failure has occured. However, more often than not, by the time the alarm goes off, it is already too late, and vaccine doses have already been compromised.

Predictive maintenance is the key

Hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceuticals must start thinking in the direction of preventative and predictive maintenance. With the use of predictive maintenance technologies based on on-site data performance and ML/AI algorithms such as Youtiligent, companies can not only track real-time temperatures and storage safety, but can also prevent any failure in advance, significantly reducing costs and vaccine compromise, health hazards, and waste. COVID-19 has emphasized this challenge, and with today’s technology, there are definitely suitable solutions for supply and storage management. The key is to switch the mindset and start thinking ahead of the game.

If you would like to learn more about Youtiligent, E-3 Magazine did a feature on what its solution has to offer, how it relates to existing SAP systems, and what’s next for the company.

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Avichai Belitsky, Youtiligent

Avichai Belitsky is the CEO of Youtiligent. He is a business leader with over 20 years of hands-on experience in business development, company management and innovation.

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