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Three Emerging Trends In Warehouse Management

The warehouse and logistics sector is getting stronger and stronger, primarily due to the rising demand from e-commerce, pharma, and organized retail. As a result, automation and robotics are gaining traction as they are an effective solution for tackling challenges.

Here are three warehouse management trends that are emerging due to rising demand and new dynamic market requirements.

Warehouse robotics

The pandemic has accelerated the deployment of robotics in warehouses. Robotic autonomous forklifts are being used in a large number of warehouses and distribution centers. With rapidly accelerating breakthroughs and innovation, new technologies have been introduced, resulting in reduced operational costs and optimized workflows. While earlier investments in such solutions were rarely considered to be cost-effective, newer technologies guarantee a more favorable ROI than ever before.

Automated picking

With the boom in e-commerce and demand for faster deliveries, seamless operations have become an imperative. Picking is one of the most time-consuming activities. In order to enhance productivity and meet demands, warehouses are opting for automated picking processes. Robots gather products and bring them to a central location where the human workforce can then fulfill subsequent tasks much faster.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Multiple moving parts need to communicate with each other continuously for successful warehouse management. With the Internet of Things (IoT), all devices and systems can be connected and kept in sync while collecting data. RFID attaches a tag to a package or a whole pallet to automatically track the item’s exact location at any moment. Warehouse efficiency can be enhanced effectively if all tasks are easily coordinated and tracked.

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