S/4Hana Cloud Leading The Way In AI-Powered Innovation
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S/4Hana Cloud Leading The Way In AI-Powered Innovation

SAP announced that nine out of 10 business leaders believe artificial intelligence (AI) is critical for their companies’ survival over the next five years, according to a survey of 2,500 C-level executives.

SAP conducted the S/4Hana Cloud survey in Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. It showed that business leaders are ready to act on this acknowledgement, revealing growing market momentum for AI-powered innovation.

  • Six out of 10 business leaders polled have implemented or are planning to implement AI in the next year.
  • A third of business leaders polled are planning to make serious investments (between US$500,000 and $5 million) in AI in the next 12 months.

“We want to automate half of all ERP business processes within the next three years using AI-powered functionality,” said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP. “Especially since S/4Hana Cloud is the only product in the ERP market to give companies the breadth and depth of intelligence they need to leapfrog their competitors to stay on top of their game.”

S/4Hana Cloud: The Intelligent ERP Offering

As a result, SAP is taking the lead in making AI a core foundational enhancement of its enterprise offerings. While others may claim intelligence, S/4Hana Cloud offers the following benefits in the market today:

  • Hands-free, conversational user experience: S/4Hana Cloud brings the first digital-age, conversational user experience to the ERP software market. This is achieved by integrating with the SAP CoPilot digital assistant. The digital assistant for the enterprise allows users to interact with their ERP software on more social and human terms. As such, S/4Hana Cloud is the world’s first hands-free ERP solution that is fundamentally changing the way customers interact with, and extract value from, their ERP software.
  • AI-powered automation: S/4Hana Cloud gives customers deep and broad AI-powered set of functionalities. Infused with intelligent, self-learning mechanisms, S/4Hana Cloud is redefining the way of work. For example, with the latest release of S/4Hana Cloud, project managers now can take advantage of AI-powered project cost forecasting capabilities. As a result, budget overruns can be reduced and more accurate resource investment decisions can be made.
  • Next-generation business processes: S/4Hana Cloud has redefined business processes by combining years of industry expertise with the power of the latest technology innovations. Consequently, today, a retailer can use dynamic pricing to intelligently adjust prices according to demand. A business manager can tap into staffing predictions based on the requirements and status of a given project or job. These are just two examples of how customers can benefit from next-generation business processes unlocked by S/4Hana Cloud.

S/4Hana Cloud Enables the Intelligent Enterprise for Customers

Customers such as La Ligapladis global, Royal Dutch Shell and Beyond Technologies were present at this year’s Sapphire conference in Orlando. They discussed their “intelligent enterprise” transformation enabled by S/4Hana Cloud.

La Liga, the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system, is using S/4Hana Cloud to transform into an intelligent enterprise. To fulfill its ambition to expand into the global entertainment sector, the company needed to overhaul its dated, complex and manual business processes.

“We have been growing rapidly over the last few years. As we make the leap to become a global entertainment brand, we need the newest technologies and the implementation of a suite of solutions to meet all of our objectives,” said José Guerra, head of corporate operations, La Liga. “We see SAP as a key solution provider to help us achieve them, and we are confident that this relationship will bring to our operations two main benefits: enhanced business processes and quicker innovation cycles.

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