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Fiori Disaster

SAP means well but doesn’t deliver! SAP envisions Fiori apps with consistent design guidelines and dedicated development tools as the new user interface.

Fiori App Jungle

What started out as an innovation has now become a plague of locusts. There are far too many Fiori apps; users report a click marathon between the various apps and would prefer they be consolidated to only a few relevant ones. However, the question then arises as to who can and should bring about these innovations.

Ultimately, only the users can decide what is needed. Here, a certification and consolidation body for Fiori apps at the DSAG (German-speaking User Group) could be a possible solution. Unfortunately, SAP competes too harshly with its partners, so reaching an agreement on what is necessary will be challenging. The fact is that SAP imprudently opened Pandora’s box with Fiori and now has no plan for capturing this firework display of innovation. SAP will have to come up with some ideas for Fiori consolidation because the current situation is counterproductive and damages the acceptance of S/4.

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  • Hi Peter,

    I think these are really fair statements! We’ve seen the same over the years working solely in the SAP User Experience transformation space. With 15K+ standard fiori apps to chose from, how do you know what you can do, what you should use, etc… For this, we created a real-time tool that can analyze an SAP system usage report and match it against different versions of SAP ERP to showcase what apps will work with your system and also a fast track to implement them if you choose.

    On the partner note, you’re right. It is hard to see where partners can augment what SAP has done with our intricate business/customer experiences. An approach to this we’ve seen resonate well is to create Fiori Accelerator templates in common areas of pain we’ve seen in our past pop up over and over again. Mobility cases, offline, innovative tech, all available in BTP now that can easily be pushed to customer systems or hosted by a partner.

    I’m also curious what others think, what’s working, what’s not, and how we can all best help customers be more successful in S/4Hana UX Transformation.

    • Thank you, and you’re right. From an SAP customer’s perspective, it’s very difficult to keep track of everything. For users, ERP is a tool and not the core of their activity. SAP often forgets this. You are very welcome to participate in our coverage and send us a proposal for a text contribution to

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