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In September 2022, several SAP partners met at NetApp's invitation. The topic they discussed was security data management; everything from archiving to automation.

Data management

Whereas SAP partners offered event practical tips, proof of concepts, roadmaps, and products to customers present at the as solutions for the upcoming digitization and conversion, the SAP keynote speaker provided no practical advice for customers, instead choosing to speak more on theoretical aspects. There was nothing imprudent about what SAP said; however, it was somewhat off topic and showed the current discrepancy between the ERP world market leader and its community.

The success of a company’s digital transformation depends primarily on how well they handle data. After all, progress can only be made with a consistent data and analytics strategy. Many companies are thus currently making structural changes to become what is known as a data-driven company—in other words, a company that consistently uses its own data resources to create new opportunities and possibilities for its business processes. This pragmatic approach can be found at many SAP partners, but is becoming increasingly rare within SAP itself.

Cloud Computing

In the course of the digital transformation, data must be prepared, enriched with information, consolidated, and correlated. One focus is the topic of cloud computing with special consideration towards hybrid cloud and, ultimately, the challenge of S/4 conversion. Data management plays a crucial and important role in all digitization initiatives in the company.

Data management is the sum of all measures required to collect, store, and provide data. Once digitization is complete, all key business processes are based on data which must be managed as optimally as possible to be used to best effect. Data management is certainly an important success criterion. Digital transformation within the context of SAP is thus the digitization, optimization, and automation of business processes.

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  • Nice SAP articles and informative – easy reads that get to the point. Thanks for cutting out the SAP gibberish jargon and writing in plain and simple language that most people can understand.

    • Thank your for your comment! We always strive to make our content understandable to as wide an audience as possible.

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