Programming: The Battle For Data
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Programming: The Battle For Data

With so many no code/low code platforms around, intelligent algorithms are not the deciding factor in today's market anymore - it's data.

At the dawn of IT, while it was still called EDP (electronic data processing), not only data was scarce, but also programming languages. Early algorithms were still wired manually to the hardware.

Now, the list of low-level and high-level programming languages is nearly unmanageable. Right now, these developments seem to be culminating in no code/low code platforms.

One of these programming platforms is Mendix, kind of a non-profit organization like Mozilla (Firefox). Siemens acquired it for 600 million euros to create a programming platform for its IoT offerings. Even SAP offers Mendix as SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development (RAD) by Mendix.

First serverless computing – now algorithm-less computing?

Are we experiencing another shift in IT?  No code/low code platforms certainly offer the possibility. This means that IT will now focus more on data structures instead of programming.

Data hubs, master data management, and positioning and transferring of Big Data in a hybrid cloud infrastructure seem more important than apps leveraging more or less useful algorithms. Apps are becoming throw-away products while data is becoming corporate treasure.

Of course, this development is not new. What’s revolutionary, however, is how radically we are trying to implement it.

Programming becomes redundant

Why should companies leverage process mining à la SAP partner Celonis to analyze their business processes if no code/low code platforms can customize new algorithms in only a few days? Maybe business process management is overrated.

Not programming the most intelligent algorithms is the deciding factor in today’s market – it’s data. Whoever has the most data wins in IT.

SAP is trying a dual strategy. On the one hand, CEO Bill McDermott loves his new acquisition Qualtrics and praises its intelligent marketing algorithms to the highest heavens. On the other hand, SAP also offers SAP Data Hub.

In a no code/low code world, data structures and Big Data seem to take center stage. Bill McDermott can talk about Qualtrics and C/4 Hana all he wants, but the true focus should be the SAP Data Hub.

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