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Legal Compliance In Retail: Are You Prepared?

Cash register security regulations in retail are nothing new, but there are ever more laws and guidelines being implemented, and some questions about them are yet to be answered.

E-3 Magazine spoke with Stephan Kaup, CEO of Consult-SK, about fiscalization in retail.

Mr. Kaup,there have been some new retail regulations passed into law in the past years.What purpose do they serve?

Stephan Kaup: The primary objective offiscalization in retail and new regulations is to protect cash register dataagainst fraud and significantly simplify accounting and subsequent audits. Standardizeddigital interfaces are crucial to enable access to all data anywhere, anytime.

What canretailers do to prepare?

Stephan Kaup:I recommend involvingyour cash registry’s manufacturer in your planning process to ensure that the implementationof cash register security regulations is even possible. Another importantaspect to consider are the standardized digital interfaces. Not only do retail companiessometimes have to worry about fees if they do not comply, they also have tothink about how to integrate their new and improved cash register systems intheir existing SAP financial accounting systems.

If the cashregister is in compliance with all new regulations, does that mean that retail companiesare prepared for the digital future?

Stephan Kaup:In my opinion, justfocusing on your cash register is not enough. As part of my job, I talk toretail companies every day. While trying to implement the new guidelines, companiesoften come to realize that they are not even in compliance with existingregulations concerning their financial accounting systems! Companies have to thinkahead, which is why Consult-SK offers an SAP add-on called Receipt4S whichtakes care of historizing and managing all relevant cash register data in SAPand non-SAP systems. Of course, the solution is also capable of archiving andrecording changes as well as providing data for audits. The prerequisite to useour SAP retail solution: NetWeaver with an Abap stack. Module-specificcomponents are not necessary as it is based on ArchiveLink. Furthermore, retailcompanies do not have to worry about SAP’s deadline, extended or not: Receipt4Sis available on R/3 and S/4 Hana.

Thank you for the interview.

E-3 Magazine March 2020 (German)

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