Voquz Presents samQ Release
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Voquz Presents samQ Release

The new version of the SAP license optimization tool allows ad-hoc engine measurement and offers shortened optimization times. Visibility and transparency is enhanced for license managers.

The Voquz Group, a leading system integrator and provider of software asset management solutions for SAP, presents the new release v1.7 of its SAP license optimization software samQ.

With new functions, the tool automates central tasks for SAP license management and system measurement and convinces with increased performance.

New Features for Voquz samQ

samQ is revolutionizing the market for SAP SAM tools (Software Asset Management) by enabling central engine measurement. At the press of a button, samQ determines engine consumption in all connected SAP systems, consolidates the data and provides a result report.



This allows for an ad-hoc measurement, which is usually only carried out during the annual system measurement due to its complexity. Engine costs become transparent and samQ users receive full cost control of their SAP landscape.

Improved Performance

In addition to new features, speed and performance are the main topics for the further development of samQ. In the new version, users or user groups can be excluded from the optimization by assigning them a fixed license.

This function, as well as the change to an asynchronous processing of queries enable significantly shorter analysis and optimization times.

Furthermore, the tool provides new analysis functions. Historic measurement data can be displayed in a tabular or graphical form to determine changes in the license inventory. License managers recognize trends at an early stage and are able to take appropriate countermeasures or budget an additional demand.

Additional Cost Only for Engine Measurment

samQ is the only software for SAP license management that allows a fully automated and periodically repeated analysis of SAP user activities.

It assesses this usage data with the right license type and optimizes the overall license inventory. Automatically or at the press of a button, the tool collects all license information in order to verify software license compliance.

The new release gives license managers an even better visibility and transparency since now also engine costs can be determined. The new version is available to all samQ customers free of charge. Only for the engine measurement module will additional costs be incurred.


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