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The New Economy And SAP’s Place In It

Many things will change in the SAP community, as they are changing throughout the world right now. However, the direction is right.

A while ago, there was the New Economy (dot-com bubble), a time where SAP ignored the World Wide Web at first and paid a hefty price for that. To SAP’s credit, however, it threw itself at the New New Economy afterwards, reaping the dividends to this day.

With every passing day, it becomes more and more likely that we have before us a New New New Economy. Growth and profit will have to be reconciled with sustainability and compassion.

We’ve learned a lot from the financial crisis in 2008, but we haven’t acted enough on the knowledge we gleaned. This time, we need to act on the newly gained insights. No mere maintenance anymore – we need a complete overhaul of traditional ways.

How things are changing for the SAP community

A similar shift is happening in the SAP realm. The community has a new North: S/4 and Hana. As the global economy is changing, business processes will have to be adapted accordingly. Many of the new challenges could be solved with S/4 Hana, if SAP does its part in simplifying it.

The SAP community needs flexible and cost-efficient licenses, an easy and comprehensible price and conditions list. Daily rates and consulting services will have to adapt to the new market environment as well.

Many things will change in the SAP community, as they are changing throughout the world right now. However, the direction is right. The new North S/4 Hana will prevail.

Companies are already starting to implement the new ways of work in the New New New Economy with ever more employees working from home if they can. It won’t work that fast with S/4 and Hana, though, as many companies do not have the budget to undertake such a massive release change right now. But it will happen eventually, and it is never to early to start thinking about it and considering your options.

We live in a time of great political, economic and personal upheaval, and I get that many people have more important things on their minds than their long-term IT strategies. But after all of this is done, after all of the lessons we learned and the new ways of life we will undoubtedly have adapted to, the show must go on. So if you can, there is no time like the present to start thinking about your S/4 Hana transformation.

E-3 Magazine April 2020 (German)

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