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Digital Transformation Press Release

Suse Unveils Infrastructure Security Stack

Suse unveiled new innovations alongside its vision to create highly secure infrastructure solutions to enable business’ digital transformation.

Facing an increase in supply chain security attacks and rising concerns about container security, companies need to innovate without disruption. Further, with the Industrial Internet of Things emerging as a major segment, the rise of edge deployments introduces a broader attack surface. The increase in potential attacks – whether in the data center, cloud or at the edge – requires companies to reassess and enforce increased security across their infrastructure solutions.

Suse introduces a new release of its Linux code base, Suse Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 4 (SLE 15 SP4), which provides customers with the advantages of using one of the world’s most secure enterprise Linux platforms.

Highlights of SLE 15 SP4 include:  

  • Adding SLSA 4 compliance to existing security certifications. SLE 15 SP4 is the first Linux distribution to deliver packages under the demanding Google SLSA standard distinctly adding a SLSA Level 4 Compliant Supply Chain which helps to protect against the increasing software security and supply chain threats customers face.
  • Expansion into the cloud-native world. For cloud-native and edge environments, Suse collaborates with Nvidia to deliver maximum performance and availability. With Nvidia’s recent release of its open sourced GPU kernel-mode driver, SLE 15 SP4 is the first major Linux distribution to deliver it, streamlining GPU-accelerated computing across cloud, data center and edge with a secure software supply chain and excellence in support.
  • Designed for SAP service management. Suse presents Trento, designed to reduce complexity and safeguard workloads in the cloud, as part of the Suse Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Trento assures the integrity and security of a customer’s SAP applications environment by continuously enforcing best practices and validating system configurations on the major hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

With a projected 75 billion devices expected to be online by 2025, Suse is furthermore addressing the need for companies to deploy at the edge with new advancements to Suse Edge, an open source solution that leverages K3s, SLE Micro, and other storage and container security elements that are purpose-built for challenging edge environments. Suse Edge seamlessly integrates security across the three management layers needed for a reliable and scalable solution (application lifecycle, Kubernetes lifecycle and operating system).

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