Suse: Automated Optimization Of SAP Hana Environments
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Suse: Automated Optimization Of SAP Hana Environments

Tuning and optimizing SAP systems means caring for them and making sure everything works like it’s supposed to. There are tools that can help facilitate these processes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if SAP environments with all their components and elements, like Suse Linux, would just optimize and tune themselves, without administrators having to lift a finger? Without any hick-ups or errors? It would, but we aren’t there yet.

SAP environments are changing almost daily, affecting various infrastructure components like Linux and in-memory database Hana. Worst case, your systems will crash. In most cases, however, users have to expect decreased performance; consequently, they have to identify the cause and optimize systems accordingly.

A lot of problems can be mitigated if Hana and Linux are optimally configured before the systems are even productive. This is rarely the case, however. Which makes sense: who really reads every SAP note concerning configuration, tuning or optimization of (Suse) Linux and Hana and S/4?

Small Suse tools, big impact: saptune and sapconf

There are a lot of tools or even suites for the optimization of SAP solutions and infrastructures. They often act as enterprise management system and work with the SAP Solution Manager, like Suse Manager.

However, there is a whole world of small, but highly effective optimization tools out there. Especially Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications offers customers a wide array based on the intensive collaboration of Suse and SAP on Hana.

One tool is called saptune, the other sapconf. Both are available free of charge. sapconf is an element of Suse Linux Enterprise Server and not SAP specific. Because the generic SLES variant is the base of SLES for SAP Applications, it’s integrated here as well.

saptune is only available in combination with SLES for SAP Applications and is therefore SAP specific.

Avoiding cumbersome tasks with Suse tools

saptune can be seen as the more developed sapconf and has high granularity. Following SAP regulations and guidelines, saptune is able to automatedly configure SLES for SAP Applications for Hana. This means that users can expect a lot of added value without having to intervene manually or without ever having to read an SAP note on the topic.

Furthermore, the tool can tune SAP solutions like Hana regarding performance following optimal parameter settings. saptune makes sure that all SAP systems with Hana and SLES for SAP Applications have the same parameter settings as all existing central SAP solutions and instances. saptune has been available since version 12 of SLES for SAP Applications and works seamlessly with both Intel and IBM Power hardware.

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