Security: Onapsis And Exabeam Partner Up
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Security: Onapsis And Exabeam Partner Up

Onapsis announced a technology alliance and product integration with Exabeam to give security teams access to enterprise resource planning (ERP) vulnerability logs in their security incident and event management (SIEM) for security monitoring, threat detection, incident response and audit compliance.

Global 2000 organizations store their sensitive data in ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite. Nation-state threat actors, hacktivitists and cybercriminals are turning their sights to these systems with targeted campaigns using technology found on the dark web.

Many organizations remain vulnerable because they did not update security patches despite warnings from DHS US-CERT to update critical patches; or because they continue to rely on legacy security approaches.

In addition, a lot of the biggest breaches broke through the perimeter with phishing, third parties, or common vulnerabilities and then pivoted to compromise ERP systems.

By making business-critical ERP applications an integrated part of the Security Operations Center (SOC), organizations gain visibility and context. This is necessary to investigate and respond to incidents and comply with data-intensive regulations such as GDPR.

The new joint solution integrates Onapsis and the Exabeam Security Management Platform (SMP). This allows security teams to quickly detect and respond to threats by providing them with continuous visibility of ERP vulnerabilities, additional context to investigate security alerts and the ability to quickly respond to incidents.

More security with Exabeam and Onapsis

The new integration allows the Exabeam SMP to ingest ERP vulnerability logs from Onapsis via syslog. Consequently, it gathers all the critical vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and ERP security events detected by Onapsis.

ERP data is combined with data from other systems, modeled using behavioral analytics. It is then displayed in Exabeam Smart Timelines, machine-created timelines of user and device behavior. Analysts consequently can quickly detect and investigate attacker tactics, techniques and procedures.

“InfoSec professionals today work in a threat environment where they face adversaries with unprecedented sophistication, persistence and technology,” said Ted Plumis, Exabeam. “We are excited to work with Onapsis to deliver a streamlined security solution for ERP systems. This partnership ensures that our mutual customers can quickly identify suspicious activity and remediate threats in their environment.”

“We are excited to be onboard as a partner of Exabeam and combining our product offerings. With the growing trend in attacks targeting the organization’s core applications, it is imperative that security teams understand and evaluate the logs and events of their ERP systems. Our partnership with Exabeam will allow companies to gain awareness into the security posture of their ERP business applications; as it will now be fed into and displayed on their SIEM dashboard,” said Onapsis.

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