SAP Stock Market Deep Dives
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SAP Stock Market Deep Dives

SAP’s stock price took a hit when it acquired Qualtrics. But apparently, shareholders have come to terms with it already - even saying that this deep dive has been accounted for.

SAP’s stock price is still very modest. But rumor has it that financial analysts and shareholders have already accounted for the 8-billion-dollar shock that was the Qualtrics acquisition. Whatever that means!

Yes, we all remember it as if it had happened yesterday: SAP has to pay 8 billion dollars for the acquisition of Qualtrics. But that’s only half the story. IT experts and SAP customers seem to be the only one to also consider the substantially higher long-term costs of the integration and programming of interfaces.

That’s why SAP’s stock price might not be all that conclusive. Which financial experts concern themselves with SolMan, Netweaver, Hana, or Abap, after all? Nevertheless, the stock price is still important. If it rises again, SAP CFO Luka Mucic can give himself a pat on the back.

However, this might take a long time. Nobody knows how long the programming and integration of Hybris, Callidus, and Qualtrics to one CRM suite C/4 will take.



So much to do, so little time

SAP offers new products faster than it can finish its old ones. Where’s SAP Leonardo? What happened to all those digital transformation efforts? Hana is still full of bugs and anomalies. S/4 and B/4 are still in the early stages of customizing. The discussion about pros and cons of hybrid cloud approaches is still going on. SAP has a lot on its plate in 2019. If it can even find resources for its new predicament C/4 remains to be seen.

SAP customers believe that SAP CEO Bill McDermott runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds too much. And they are right! This can only end in disaster.

The first shortage in resources hits Leonardo. The range of topics is unmanageable. Digital transformation suffers! This year, SAP Leonardo will have to be consolidated. One can only hope that financial analysts and shareholders have accounted for that as well – otherwise there might be another unexpected SAP stock market deep dive.

E-3 Magazine December 2018/January 2019 (German)

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