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SAP Learning Management Systems: SuccessFactors Or Litmos?

Learning management systems are becoming more important. SAP is offering two cloud solutions to address this need: SAP Litmos and SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System. What are their core functionalities and how do they differ?

The need for learning management systems is increasing. There are many reasons contributing to this trend, for example new regulations concerning certifications or the growing realization that employees are a core resource of every company and have to be invested in. If a company has decided to opt for a learning management system, it is going to be spoilt for choice. SAP offers two modern cloud solutions, SAP Litmos and the Learning Management System (LMS; integrated in SuccessFactors).

In this article, we will take a look at what these systems can do and how they differ from each other.

While there are differences between the two systems, they also share some functionalities and features, including a mobile version, access for third parties, and re-certifications.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System

The module LMS is part of the SAP SuccessFactors suite and is therefore already seamlessly integrated with master data records and other SuccessFactors modules. This makes it possible to e.g. connect individual goals and objectives to specific courses, classes, or more informal study groups. If you already use SuccessFactors, opting for LMS may be the most logical choice as it offers seamless integration and a consistent user experience for employees.

LMS offers a granular access management system, enabling companies to tailor user and administrative rights to their specific needs. Concerning learning material, LMS offers predefined standard integration with various course providers. For example, SuccessFactors LMS makes it easy to integrate LMS with LinkedIn Learning, ensuring that employees benefit from countless courses. What is more, standard integration with common VLS (Virtual Learning Session) system, like Skype for Business and Webex, is also supported.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a modern and user-friendly learning management system. The implementation is fast and easy, ensuring that the solution’s rollout doesn’t take more than a few days. SAP Litmos is a stand-alone solution but can also be integrated with master data systems. The functionalities for users and administrators are intuitive, meaning that no additional training is necessary to operate the system. If companies have complex, specific requirements, the design of the platform can be individually adapted.

A huge advantage of SAP Litmos is that learning materials and courses about specific topics or industries can be licensed with the system. This means that in a span of just a few days, companies not only have SAP Litmos set up, but they also have a complete set of course material on there as well. Of course, other course providers can be integrated via pre-defined standard integration interfaces.

Furthermore, in SAP Litmos, the engagement and motivation of employees can be increased by using gamification.


SAP Litmos and SuccessFactors LMS are both tried-and-tested solutions with numerous happy customers worldwide. Both have a number of advantages, but they also have limitations. Which system best suits a company heavily depends on specific requirements as well as the needs of HR and employees.

If you are already leveraging the SAP SuccessFactors suite and have more complex access management requirements, LMS offers many advantages. If you want a user-friendly learning management system with fast implementation times, preconfigured learning materials and more adventurous features, SAP Litmos is a good fit.

There is no right or wrong. Every company needs to evaluate both systems based on its strategy, corporate goals and learning requirements to make a qualified decision.

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