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Artificial Intelligence Press Release Fund Invests In Deepgram For Gleaning New Insights From Speech Fund, the startup investment arm of SAP, has taken a stake in Deepgram, provider of a high-accuracy automatic speech recognition solution that can be easily trained to understand new language models, accents and speech patterns.

With a new approach to speech recognition, Deepgram’s flexible API architecture enables real-time transcription for customer support, sales engagement and video/phone interviews and makes them searchable.

Wing Ventures led the Series A round, which included existing investors Nvidia, Y Combinator and Compound.

“As SAP continues to focus on combining experience data with operational data, we recognize Deepgram’s unique ability to automate transcription and voice intent recognition, which empowers companies to provide a high-quality customer experience,” Managing Director Ram Jambunathan said. “We’re confident about Deepgram’s potential of rich, voice-based insights for SAP customers.”



Deepgram’s history

Deepgram was born 2 miles deep underground during a particle physics experiment searching for dark matter. In the spare hours that weren’t dedicated to that search, Deepgram’s founders found themselves recording all the audio from their lives, 24/7.

After gathering hundreds of hours of recordings, they realized that the utility of their audio was in specific moments buried inside. This put them on the search for a tool that would help them process their recordings and pinpoint valuable timestamps.

However, after sifting through available tools, they realized there wasn’t a good way to search through audio. This frustration led to the creation of Deepgram, a scalable and accurate speech recognition and understanding system.


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