PwC Uncovers Disconnect Between C-Suite And Employee Experience
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PwC Uncovers Disconnect Between C-Suite And Employee Experience

A large majority of C-suite executives believe their company pays attention to people's needs when introducing new technologies in the workplace, yet only half of staff say the same, according to a report in PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series.

PwC surveyed more than 12,000 full-time employees globally to research how employee experience with technology is helping people deliver their best work and adapt quickly as work changes.

“Technology is such a central part of the overall work experience that you can’t separate it from your people agenda. Organizational leaders looking to institute a technology-led transformation or implement new workplace technology need to also now consider what motivates people when it comes to technology at work. It cannot be one or the other,” said Carrie Duarte, PwC.

Leaders think they’re choosing tech with their people in mind – yet the survey shows a disconnect where leaders and staff do not agree. This disconnect highlights the experience gap between executives and end users within organizations. The resulting blind spot between strategic technology decisions and real-time execution and implementation matters.

If leaders do not have a clear and accurate understanding of how their people use technology at work, and what motivates them to use these tools, both business ambition and the employee experience can suffer.

While this disconnect does illustrate a pain point, it also provides areas for improvement. The study found that people’s willingness to adopt new technologies is linked to key motivations related to experiences that employers can offer: improved efficiency and rewards that can improve status.

Employees at all levels are willing to spend an average of two days (15 hours) per month to upgrade their digital skills and prepare for the new ways of work in the future.

Key findings from PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series

  • 90 percent of C-suite executives agree their company pays attention to people’s needs when introducing new technology. But only about half of staff say the same.
  • 92 percent of C-suite execs say they’re satisfied with the technology experience their company provides for making progress on their most important work, only 68 percent of staff agree.
  • 73 percent of people surveyed say they know of systems that would help them produce higher quality work.
  • 84 percent say they do their work because they want to learn new things – good news for leaders who are working to build a culture of continuous learning.
  • Employees are willing to spend up to 2 days per month to upgrade digital skills; a median response of 15 hours each month.
  • Only half of staff are satisfied with the resources they have at their disposal to learn how to use new technology.
  • 46 percent say their company doesn’t value employees who are technologically savvy.


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