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Database Administration: One Tool

A simplified administration of Oracle databases for SAP solutions has been characteristic of Dell Toad. Additionally, the toolset supports SAP ASE, SAP IQ, SAP SQL Anywhere and Hana.

With Toad, Boomi and SharePlex, Dell is offering high-performance solutions, enabling companies to reduce the complexity of database administration, and also reduce the workload of integration and migration into Hana environments, as well as boosting productivity.

Toad for database developers

Developers and administrators of databases, who have hitherto used Toad solely together with Oracle, can now use Toad for SAP Solutions to administer all their SAP databases, with a single tool. This reduces that resource commitment involved in learning that otherwise emerges when another database-management system is additionally included. Accordingly, those switching from another system can more quickly start productively with Hana.

Toad means that developers and administrators, deploying several database-management systems in one SAP environment, obtain a tool with which they can work on a uniform basis on various platforms. Through the integration of the SAP Hana Cockpit, administrators, developers and power-users can use Toad to carry out the most diverse range of tasks without needing to switch the tool used.


Toad includes extensive functions for performance-optimization and automation of frequently-recurring routine tasks. Administrators have numerous options at their disposal for using Data Definition Language (DDL) to create SAP-Hana Objects. Developers get a high-performance editor with functions for code completion and formating, as well as fast access to frequently used queries. Power-users benefit from the import and export assistant for various formats.

Cloud-based integration platform

The Integration Platform as a Service environment (iPaaS) Dell Boomi links up almost any SAP- based and non-SAP-based cloud applications and on-premise applications. This enables companies to synchronize data between business-critical applications either in their own Data Center or in the cloud, e.g. in the form of a Salesforce (SFDC) integration or a Hana Enterprise Cloud. A further application-scenario is the linking-up of a classic SAP ERP application with the cloud-based solution Concur Travel and Expense. SAP took over the US company Concur in the autumn of 2014.

Middleware solutions for data integration, available and fixed on the respective company’s own Data Center – solutions used for data integration and also for master data management – can scarcely keep pace with the ever-more complex digital business processes, IT infrastructures and the growing number of different data-sources.

By contrast, cloud-based services offer the required functions for a flexible and effectively-scalable exchange of data. In this context, on the one hand, companies must integrate into their business processes the data from local applications, such as ERP solutions, SAP modules or Oracle databases.

On the other hand, there is also a need to take into account data from cloud services or from mobile applications. The various data sources are linked-up with the help of connectors. They make an implementation possible in a short period and also enable the needed information to be integrated simply.

Rapid Hana migration

The switchover from an older Oracle database version to a current one, or the switchover from Oracle to SAP ASE, but also a thoroughgoing modernization: all these themes recur regularly in SAP environments.

It should be added that Hana is also available as a database for the SAP Business Suite, thus making it relevant for practically all current customers. This is why ever more companies have to engage with the topic of a migration to Hana. Another reason: the in-memory technology offers extensive potential for improving the business processes and, not least, the possibility to transform them by moving them towards “real-time” operation.

Dell SharePlex offers a solution for database migration. Here a streaming procedure comes into play outside the database. The method bases itself upon a protocol-based replication technology. This ensures that data integrity is maintained without influencing the application itself.

As a result, the hitherto-customary down-time periods can be reduced by up to 90 per cent in comparison to traditional migration methods. A positive side-effect is evident for companies switching from an Oracle database to Hana and who have hitherto used Toad for administration work. Concerning the administration, they can build upon the experience gained and on their expertise, putting the latter to use for Hana after the migration is completed.

Dell and E-3 Magazine (German) Cover Story November 2015

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