Onapsis Enables SAP Cloud Migration To AWS At MercadoLibre
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Onapsis Enables SAP Cloud Migration To AWS At MercadoLibre

Global SAP experts Onapsis announced the company has enabled a secure migration spanning from on-premise to a public cloud provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for MercadoLibre.

As part of a process to adopt new technologies and stay on the forefront of digital offerings, Onapsis was able to empower the security teams at MercadoLibre to become an enabler instead of a roadblock during the SAP cloud migration.

With Onapsis, a certified AWS Partner, and the Onapsis Security Platform (OSP), a cloud-ready solution, the deployment on AWS was seamless and delivered an incredible time-to-value for MercadoLibre.

“Under AWS’s Shared Responsibility Model, we had a clear understanding of which aspects of security are provided by AWS and which we need to provide ourselves. With AWS committing to the security of the cloud, we knew we needed to fill the gap of protecting the specific applications and data we were migrating,” stated Jorge O’Higgins, Director of Cyber Security and Internal Systems at MercadoLibre.

“We were happy to realize that we could leverage our existing relationship with Onapsis to extend the coverage of OSP into our AWS cloud implementation, all while not compromising on visibility and security controls we currently have. Using OSP we were able to ensure control over the security and compliance of our critical SAP systems, regardless whether they are on-premise or in a public cloud,” stated Sebastián Monaco, Cybersecurity Technical Leader at MercadoLibre.

Onapsis’s CEO, Mariano Nunez, commented, “Onapsis has become the de-facto standard for companies migrating SAP and Oracle ERP and business-critical applications to the Cloud. The Onapsis Security Platform works across all cloud environments, whether private, hybrid or public, and we continue to enable large enterprises adopt the benefits of the cloud faster, and securely. As a certified AWS Partner, I am proud to see that now MercadoLibre is not only able to perform vulnerability management on their cloud SAP implementation, but they are also able to continuously monitor and proactively secure these applications in their new cloud environment – a perfect complement for AWS’s built-in security capabilities.”


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