Mendix: Platform Economy Done Right
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Mendix: Platform Economy Done Right

If you don't know anything about Mendix yet, don't worry - three weeks ago, this name didn't ring any bells for me, either.

I recently attended the Mendix World 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. There, I learned that Siemens bought this no-code/low-code platform which can also be found in SAP’s pricing list under SAP Cloud Platform RAD (Rapid Application Development) by Mendix.

There’s really nothing you need to know about it, except that it is a nearly perfect app development platform seamlessly integrated in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). It can also natively communicate with SAP’s database Hana.

Soon, there will also be a Mendix Data Hub, which will naturally be competing with SAP Data Hub.

Why is Mendix important?

Is Mendix just another programming language and development platform after Abap? Yes, but there’s more to the story.

Through Cloud Foundry, basically any programming language can be used as development platform for SAP. However, there are two aspects to consider: integration and licensing policy.

Besides Siemens, SAP was one of the main sponsors of Mendix World 2019. SAP sells Mendix, part of the Siemens ecosystem. Siemens is SAP customer, and all of these three companies use the database Hana in one or another way. Interesting how sometimes, business runs in circles.

It’s safe to assume that the Mendix platform is better integrated in the SAP ecosystem than most development platforms. Which leads us to the topic of Indirect Access.

Whenever SAP customers dare to stray from SAP’s predefined path, they have to endure the licensing wrath of the software company: Indirect Access. However, if you buy SCP/RAD by Mendix for your app developers, then maybe you can reach another agreement under the licensing model Digital Access (basically document-based Indirect Access).

Good news for customers, bad news for SAP

Mendix serves as a real alternative to Abap as it is an open development platform which harmonizes well with the SAP Cloud Platform.

By the way, the Mendix community was shocked to hear about the departure of SAP President Cloud Platform Bjoern Goerke. Naturally, he had a lot of contact with the company and SAP mentors – but that’s a different story.

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