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[shutterstock: 1362102449, Wright Studio]
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Master Data Governance For Automated Processes

Master data governance (MDG) opens up a realm of possibilities regarding upkeep, validation and distribution of master data - an important requirement for Industry 4.0 projects.

Process automationincreases master data quality even in internationally dispersed systemenvironments. Furthermore, one automated process usually means many more automatedprocesses down the road. Master data governance is not limited to the capabilitiesof ERP systems as there are add-ons that significantly increase efficiency.

Master datagovernance includes all strategic, organizational, methodical and technologicalactivities concerning corporate master data. The goal is ensuring high dataquality as well as continuity.

Thedigitalization of processes requires data quality to be up to par, beginningwith actuality, correctness and completeness. Only if data conform tosystem-specific guidelines can they be processed automatically.

Data haveto be consistent and unique. Duplicates needlessly inflate data volume as wellas increase the risk of errors and processing costs. Complying with guidelines formaster data quality is hard enough without the added effort of cleaning up duplicates.

Master data governance also means integrating a suitable IT solution as well as new processes and organizational structures with clear rules and guidelines. Companies can – and must – model the creation of master data sets and define individual approval and authorization processes. Only then will they be able to keep their master data quality high in the long term.

Master data governance accelerating automation

With thesame measures and methods, companies can also support and automate otherbusiness processes. Precise texts can be automatically transformed into dataand processed as orders, online shop information or descriptions of spareparts.

Industry4.0 poses a lot of new requirements, such as creating serial numbers forindustrial components and products, guaranteeing precise traceability of parts,and providing information on quality including documentation. Defined processeswith integrated evaluation capabilities ensure fast and seamless workflowsfollowing industry standards.

The conceptof master data governance seems capable of eliminating lack of quality inmaster data almost effortlessly. Through consistent monitoring and automatedcorrections, master data governance ensures a high level of security in diversedigital processes.

Forrealizing a master data governance project, I recommend cleaning andrestructuring master data with specialized tools as they are more efficient thanan ERP system in this case.

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