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IQGeo Improves Its Enterprise Data Management With SAP Concur

Codeless Platforms revealed that IQGeo, a developer of geospatial software for the telecommunication and utility industries, has improved enterprise data management, efficiency and time resources.

IQGeo has achieved this by integrating SAP Business One, SAP Concur, Salesforce, Sage People and Replicon and then automating sales orders, expenses, reporting and project management processes.

“One of the biggest benefits we have got from using BPA platform is the added value that it can offer. We deployed BPA platform eight months ago and already have more than 14 tasks running. It’s allowing for a lot more efficiency and time saving because data is flowing backwards and forwards. It’s a massive time saver. I can sit back and relax and let BPA platform get on with it,” explained Lee Hughes, Head of Business Systems, IQGeo.

The IQGeo brand was launched in January 2019 after the founding company Ubisense was split into two separate businesses, with one software division being sold off as Ubisense and the other rebranded as IQGeo. The company therefore had to start afresh and purchase new software licenses to run the business, as Ubisense kept all the existing software.


“We only had a four month window to separate the two companies, so we continued with the software that we already knew; repurchasing SAP Business One, Salesforce, Replicon and Sage People. We also decided to add SAP Concur at this point. However, neither of these products could talk to each other,” said Hughes. “I spoke to a SAP vendor and they said they were also using BPA platform for SAP Concur integrations. I did a bit of research and it looked very good. I started digging deeper and deeper and found that BPA platform could do a lot more.”

IQGeo exploiting BPA platform’s benefits

Having addressed the issue of integrating SAP Concur with SAP Business One, IQGeo started to exploit BPA platform’s integration and automation capabilities, especially with SAP Business One and Salesforce; running and scheduling various tasks to automate certain processes.

“We purchased BPA platform with SAP Business One and bought the Salesforce connector. With those two connectors all I had to do was place SQL server in the middle, which takes the Salesforce data, converts it and pushes it into SAP Business One. Now, every time we acknowledge an opportunity a task takes the data from Salesforce and pushes it into our SQL server data warehouse (BI360) for reporting purposes. It also takes the data and inserts it as a sales order. Our sales orders are now interfaced from one system to another saving time and avoiding potential errors. BPA platform has made that process much easier,” explained Hughes.

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