Interview: Focus On SAP - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow With Seeburger's Co-CEOs
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Interview: Focus On SAP – Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow With Seeburger’s Co-CEOs

Certified Seeburger solutions are deployed by thousands of SAP user companies across the world. SAP will remain the strategic point of focus for Seeburger, as explained by co-CEOs Axel Haas and Michael Kleeberg in this E-3 exclusive interview.

For decades, Seeburger has focused on the development of SAP solutions. Is this set to change in the Hana/S/4 Hana era?

Axel Haas: The next generation of Business Suite S/4 Hana will emphasize and strengthen our basic strategic focus. As in the past, Seeburger will continue to offer SAP customers sophisticated solutions for B2B integration and tailored B2B EAI solutions.

In the S/4 era, business integration and the integration of business partners, and process integration and improvement, will continue to be important factors – all over the world and in all companies.

But S/4 could mean that different processes or functions could be transferred to the SAP standard or various transactions could be merged – wouldn’t this have an effect on partner solutions?

Michael Kleeberg: In terms of S/4 and its industry-specific characteristics, whether available now or planned for the future, we are in continuous dialogue with SAP as a long-term partner of the company. The Seeburger Business Integration Suite (BIS) is S/4-compatible and supports S/4 as a ‘digital core’ in business transformation plans.

If we need to expand our program or develop new solutions – either in the Business Integration Suite or in our BIS-compatible applications – we will do so in good time. We managed it for the transition from R/2 to R/3 and with SAPECC.


We’ve always aimed to be a kind of rapid-response sidekick for SAP customers, able to swiftly respond to new requirements with an appropriate solution.

How has the Seeburger cloud offering been received by SAP users specifically? After all, this user group tends to be quite cautious in transferring company-relevant data or entire ERPs to the cloud.

Haas: Companies – whether they’re SAP customers or not – are not generally rejecting all forms of cloud computing. There is a definite distinction. Many of our SAP customers are heavy users of our cloud offering and understand its value.

This is partly because it allows them to implement new integration requirements quickly – whether for a specialist field such as e-invoicing, or to meet a new technical requirement that would otherwise require a high level of investment within their own company.

Often, companies decide against cloud solutions for security or privacy reasons. But Seeburger can offer a wide range of private and public cloud solutions – and the use of our high-security ISO-27001-certified German data centres, with contracts that are subject to German laws.

In fact, the cloud is now the leading solution at Seeburger if you compare licence purchases with cloud revenue.

Kleeberg: Our customers – companies from the logistics, automotive or trade sectors, for example – can use the Seeburger Cloud store to access and purchase a number of cloud services based on industry best practices.

Companies in the utility industry can make use of our ready-made cloud web application for the energy sector – including automated interfaces to trade systems provided by our underlying BIS platform.

We also offer web applications for electronic invoicing, for the integration of partners such as suppliers, and many others, in addition to classic exchange/mapping solutions. Seeburger was right to develop cloud solutions when the technology was still in its infancy.

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