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Immaturity In Enterprise SaaS Management Despite Rapid SaaS Adoption

LeanIX SaaS Management Survey 2021 highlights a lack of standardized processes and clearly defined roles in SaaS management today, leading to widespread challenges.

SaaS adoption in the enterprise continues to grow at an accelerating pace. Indeed, 70 percent of international IT leaders surveyed in a study by LeanIX report strong SaaS growth over the last two years, in some cases doubling the number of SaaS applications in use over that time. However, the discipline of SaaS management across organizations lags behind this growth.

Effective SaaS management suffers from an absence of purchasing processes tailored to the unique benefits of SaaS. Organizations surveyed have also been slow to implement tools purpose-built for SaaS management, instead relying to a large extent on manual processes and Excel.

Tools and processes aside, the survey also found no common standards when it comes to responsibility for SaaS management. In 80 percent of the companies surveyed, SaaS management can involve four or more departments. The enterprise architects surveyed indicated that the challenges associated with SaaS management, including poor visibility into SaaS application portfolios, are having an impact on their efforts to continuously transform the IT landscape in their organization.

With this in mind, many expressed interest in the concept of a SaaS Center of Excellence, believing that their organization could benefit from the guidance one might provide. Unfortunately, the majority of enterprises have not even begun discussing the implementation of such an initiative.

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