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Honico Systems GmbH

Mattentwiete 8 Hamburg 20457 GermanyPhone: +49 40 3280860Website: www.honico.com
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Biographical Info

HONICO Systems

Who we are

HONICO Systems is a well-established producer of intelligent software solutions for Business Process Automation, specialized in Workload Automation and File & Data Automation for SAP and nonSAP. HONICO’s solutions enable centralized, cross-system control and management of your processes, on-premise or in the cloud. As an SAP Build Application Development Partner, HONICO combines many years of expertise in the SAP area with the latest developments at all times. Manual interventions are therefore unnecessary and your employees can focus on the essentials.

HONICO is serving the WLA market with holistic products that are cost effective and thus very attractive for SMU/SMEs. Our focus for the products is to be easily used, so e.g., a single SAP Basis administrator can instantly start and there is no need for an extra team or extensive education.



Our Portfolio:


Centralized Control of your SAP background processes

BatchMan stands for process automation directly from within SAP: Our system runs in the ABAP stack, the core of each SAP System, and safely and flexibly controls all SAP processes and nonSAP processes. In the process, BatchMan integrates itself perfectly into the existing landscape without requiring separate hardware or software.

Workload Automation with BatchMan automates and monitors your processes beyond traditional job scheduling. All connected SAP systems as well as non-SAP systems and cloud applications are controlled centrally from within SAP.

  • Authorization Management by SAP Roles
  • Native integration of SAP systems
  • Single Point of Control, Single Point of Monitoring
  • Integration of nonSAP systems
  • Connecting SOAP services
  • Connecting REST APIs
  • Managed File Transfer
  • SAP S/4HANA certified

Easy Workload Scheduler

Universal, web-based application

With the Easy Workload Scheduler (EWS) you control your background processes across the entire landscape. It adapts itself seamlessly to your specific needs. EWS can be installed directly in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Ventus or Azure) or on-premise. It is easily controlled via the web browser.

Central overview via dashboard

The EWS Dashboard gives you a central overview of your processes, so that you always keep control. Create your own dashboards directly tailored to your needs. Jump directly from the dashboard to the task or process you want to edit.

Comprehensive monitoring & alerting

Process monitoring allows you to maintain full control over the entire system and service landscape. Every process is completely traceable here and you can jump directly from the monitor into editing. Integrated alarms inform you when it is really necessary. The behaviour in case of an error can be defined by you in advance.

All interfaces under control:

Whether file transfer, command line (CLI), REST or even SAP. EWS supports a variety of interfaces to start and monitor processes in the different systems. The system maintains and informs when necessary or starts automatic recovery processes where possible.

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