Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain and SAP: A Tough Piece Of Work
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Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain and SAP: A Tough Piece Of Work

The use of blockchain technology beyond the financial sector is picking up the pace. Yet there is still a lot of homework to be done.

This Special Report on Blockchain is available as PDF download below.

To meet the current challenge, competencies and resources need to be combined in order to develop solutions for the various sectors and standard customer situations. SAP has recognized this need, prompting development of the “Blockchain and IoT Co-Innovation Program” for customers and SAP partners launched in 2017. This program gives customers the opportunity to identify, discover and implement applications to capture various events in blockchain – from the design and development of products to production and logistics up to product tracking.

Program participants can share their specific requirements and thus play an influential role in the project and the solution design. Camelot ITLab is supporting SAP’s initiative with many proven use cases such as the sensor-driven Track & Trace, data ownership in healthcare or a transport marketplace.

A more than two-decades-long partnership between SAP and Camelot is expanding with the megatrend. Camelot relies on SAP as its platform partner in the development of blockchain customer solutions. SAP expertise in Cloud Platform services and company-wide support are important elements to deliver successful innovation projects, as they create a secure environment for customers to experiment in.

Hyperledger Fabric and Multichain

The SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service is currently at early release stage but is intended to have general availability to all customers as a finished product in the second half of 2018 and will support the Hyperledger Fabric and Multichain blockchain technologies. The SAP Leonardo BaaS service (Blockchain as a Service) will enter the business solution environments of large customers. Their core technologies are also a part of the Camelot Hypertrust Platform that can be used to develop and evaluate specific blockchain applications.

Andreas Goebel, Head of Center of Digital Innovation at Camelot, states: “The field of blockchain technology is very volatile and still needs further development in many aspects.  SAP and Camelot are learning something new every day in joint customer projects: What forms should blockchains take in order to support certain use cases? How can the decentralized concept be integrated into existing business processes in the most efficient way? What services are required to get all the needed participants into a common network? We ask ourselves these questions every day, often together with SAP”.

Real customer requirements play an important role in the enhancement of the Camelot Hypertrust Platform. This is why the roadmap lists functions asked for by customers directly, such as the integration of blockchains with existing enterprise authorization concepts or the smooth integration of existing databases as “off-chain storage”. Notwithstanding these requirements, Camelot’s blockchain experts always also think outside the box. They analyze market trends and new developments in the field of blockchain, so in future they can be integrated, where appropriate, into the Hypertrust Platform.


E-3 Magazine (German) March 2018

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Aseem Gaur, Camelot ITLab

Aseem Gaur is Chief Leonardo Officer at Camelot ITLab.

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