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GreenPlat: Accelerating Sustainable Production

GreenPlat is a Brazilian technology company that developed a blockchain-based SaaS that covers the entire production chain, from the extraction of raw material, the manufacturing of the product, to the final disposal.

GreenPlat helps customers achieve zero landfill and increase recycling rates, offering full traceability and supporting environmental compliance. Also, we are able to control other environmental KPIs, providing companies with a full ESG, real-time dashboard.

Since 2018, we have been a part of the World Economic Forum in the Pioneering Technology category as we are the first company to use blockchain technology for waste traceability. We have also been awarded several international and national awards. The most recent are the national stages of the WSA 2020 awards – an accessibility award in which we won the category of transparency and sharing of data – and the national stage of the EWC (Entrepreneurship World Cup). In both, we were competing on a global stage.

Our private cloud solution has more than 20 modules, including a module that controls production losses, waste generation, and proper destination. We also have a complete module focused on reverse logistics: We connect manufacturers, transporters, and final destinations to facilitate the exchange of reliable information, helping recycled waste to return to the productive sector as a raw material. We offer reliability, transparency, and agility to the processes that were previously only accessible in analog form or in spreadsheets. Companies also benefit from the knowledge we make available in the software on municipal, state, and federal environmental legislation, certified technical standards, and the financial flow of waste.

Accommodating the demands of our customers, we were able to improve our product and create new features and modules that can cover a wider range of services provided. Takeda Pharma Brasil became the first factory of the Takeda group to become a zero landfill in 2020 with the help of our software. In addition, we have developed a solution to meet Renault’s main needs. From this project, our generator module and the main reporting resources with real-time data emerged.

For the public sector, we offer a unique value. We developed the CTR-e, which helps cities in identifying, tracking, and providing detailed information about large waste generators. We currently track all waste produced in the city of São Paulo, Brazil – home to 12.5 million people – and provide real-time information on its transportation and final destination.

GreenPlat aims to change the way industries control their production and waste chain. Our mission is to accelerate sustainable production around the world. Join the revolution with us!

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About the author

Chicko Sousa, GreenPlat

Chicko Sousa is founder and Rebel leader of GreenPlat. He has been working with recycling technologies for over 20 years and with software for almost 10 years. In 2016, he founded GreenPlat, a clean production SaaS. In 2018, Chicko and GreenPlat were chosen by the World Economic Forum as Technology Pioneers for the third generation of blockchain (non-financial).

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