GDPR Data Discovery For Siebel and JD Edwards
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GDPR Data Discovery For Siebel and JD Edwards

Metadata discovery software vendor Silwood Technology has announced the availability of GDPR Starter Packs for two major application packages – JD Edwards and Siebel - enabling users to quickly and simply identify the precise location of Personal Data. The Starter Pack for SAP ERP has been available since November 2017.

The GDPR Starter Packs are underpinned by Safyr, a dedicated metadata discovery software, which enables users to access, understand, share and utilise the underlying data structures for all major application packages, including JD Edwards and Siebel.

Research conducted recently by Silwood Technology demonstrated the scale of the challenge encountered by users when locating personal data for GDPR compliance. For instance, within a typical Siebel system, when searching for personal data, users will be faced with approximately 5,000 tables and 170,000 fields. Similarly, JD Edwards contains 5,000 tables and 140,000 fields.

Nick Porter, founder and technical director at Silwood Technology, commented: “While we are less than 70 days from the GDPR deadline, we believe that there are many enterprises still at planning stage. Unfortunately, the location of personal information in a large application package is regarded as a significant and tedious task.  And it’s not a one-time job – companies will need to revisit the discovery task whenever the data structure of a package like JD Edwards or Siebel changes. That’s not an unusual occurrence – the manufacturers of these packages often introduce new tables and columns with new releases, and customers often customize their own systems to add fields needed to support features that are specific to their business.


“Any GDPR data discovery project, we recommend automating the identification of personal data. This is where Safyr can make a real difference. Companies using our Starter Packs can quickly map where GDPR data is likely to be stored. This saves hours of searching through data structures.”

As an example, consider that the attribute “birth” occurs in over 210 tables in a JD Edwards system. With Safyr, users can find all occurrences of the Personal Data string ‘birth’ across all tables and fields in a JD Edwards system in under five minutes. The resulting data can be delivered to metadata and data governance platforms for further exploitation.

The new Starter Packs are the second and third in a series, as an SAP Starter Pack was launched in November 2017.

Customers who use Silwood’s Safyr application for JD Edwards and Siebel can receive their Starter Pack free of charge. The Starter Pack comprises a set of Safyr Subject Areas that describe and identify each type of personal information, such as zip codes, dates of birth, license plates.

One of the major benefits of these Starter Packs is that they will work with the customer’s own system. Users can easily overlay the Safyr Subject Areas on the metadata extracted from customised JD Edwards or Siebel systems.

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