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[shutterstock: 283736111, Milleflore Images]
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Equinix To Expand Operations In Canada

The expansion of Equinix in eight metros will enable businesses and multinationals operating in Canada to accelerate digital transformation.

Equinix announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase a portfolio of 13 data centers across Canada from BCE (“Bell”) for US$750 million (CA$1,041 million) in an all-cash transaction.

The addition of these strategic assets, their associated operations and the more than 600 customers operating within the data centers will strengthen Equinix’s global platform, which currently includes more than 210 data centers across 55 metros.

It will also benefit businesses by increasing interconnection within Canada and between Canada and the rest of the world; opening seven new metros in six provinces to extend the digital edge of platform Equinix; and adding key customers in strategic sectors to further increase the value of the ecosystem available at Equinix.

Equinix servicing Canada coast to coast

Under the terms of the agreement, Equinix and Bell will begin a strategic partnership to enable enterprises in Canada to leverage hybrid multicloud solutions to accelerate their digital transformation.



The acquisition will expand Equinix’s coverage in Canada coast to coast. In addition to adding new capacity in Toronto, Ontario, where Equinix currently operates two International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers, it will extend Equinix’s interconnection services to seven new metros. These metros include Calgary, Alberta; Kamloops and Vancouver, British Columbia; Millidgeville, New Brunswick; Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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