What Will Happen After End Of Support For Sybase?
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What Will Happen After End Of Support For Sybase?

A survey of 97 Sybase users uncovered insights into how the end of mainstream maintenance will play out.

Spinnaker Support released a survey titled “State-of-the-Market Survey on Sybase/ASE Users Facing 2025 End of Maintenance Deadline”. The survey delivers insight into what customers using SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) i.e. Sybase expect to happen after the end of mainstream support.

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), also known as Sybase, has been part of SAP’s portfolio since 2010. When the last update was released in 2014, SAP advertised a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate, with the relational database management system implemented at 45 of the top 50 banks and security firms. Despite this success, in 2018 SAP announced the end of mainstream maintenance (EoMM) for ASE.

Some users and industry observers were surprised, while others saw the writing on the wall: there had been a lack of innovation, updating, and promotion over the preceding four years.

Plenty of Sybase users like their solution. Some have been running one version of Sybase/ASE or another since the late 1980s. These companies have sunk significant time and money into their ASE/Sybase setups, orienting their IT efforts around the use of the system only to find the official roadmap closed.


A portion of Sybase/ASE users don’t possess any other SAP solutions, which makes these businesses ASE customers more than SAP customers, for all intents and purposes. Regardless, with the EoMM around the corner, users will need to decide how they wish to move forward. The main options include in-house maintenance, third-party support, switching to SAP Hana, or migrating to another database solution.

The Spinnaker Support survey on Sybase/ASE EoMM focuses on the opinions of 97 Sybase users and businesses who generously took the time to respond to our survey. The findings point to a user base that prefers to remain with their current Sybase solution, which will require ongoing support via in-house, third-party, or a blended maintenance plan.

Key survey findings

  • Most Sybase/ASE users are happy with their systems and would prefer to keep them.
  • Almost a third of companies planning to migrate to another system will do so within a year, while nearly half are committed to migrating within the next five years.
  • Oracle Database is a more popular choice than Hana among those planning to migrate.
  • Postgres is another popular choice, particularly among retailers.
  • Users’ support type also influences their planning. Most companies who’ve replaced SAP support with third-party support plan to maintain their Sybase/ASE installations for as long as possible.

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  • Please see the recent announcement from SAP on this topic. There is no end of support planned for Sybase.


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