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Holistic Digital Document Processing

While many companies already leverage automated invoicing or are preparing to do so, the digitalization of other document processes is still nowhere to be seen.

This is surprising, however, as automated processing of orders and delivery notes have a lot of potential to be optimized.

For example, the processing time of orders can be reduced by 60 percent through digitalization, according to a Mercateo study on indirect purchasing. The processing of delivery notes can also be sped up significantly through automation. Furthermore, mistakes can be avoided, and processes and subsequent research become more transparent and simplified.

To be able to leverage these benefits, however, companies need a software that supports the entire purchasing process. The Tangro inbound suite does just that. Its approach is a holistic one – it can automatically process all relevant documents for purchase to pay in SAP, including order confirmations and delivery notes.

Order confirmation

The software automatically recognizes all relevant information of the order confirmation, like supplier, order reference, location, material, price, and quantity. It then compares this data to the order in the SAP system. Furthermore, it also checks the date of delivery. If all the information corresponds to the order, the confirmation is booked at the press of a button in SAP. If the system has detected discrepancies, however, electronic workflow processes come into play.

Processing and checking an order confirmation like this would normally take some time – this software can do it in mere seconds. Furthermore, the software ensures the reliable processing of all incoming orders. No confirmation is lost or forgotten.

Delivery notes

The automated processing of delivery notes has similar advantages. The system automatically recognizes all relevant information, like delivery note reference, waybill number, and date. The delivery note is scanned and ready for checking with all the relevant data.

If information like quantity and material correspond to the order in the SAP system, the goods receipt is booked in SAP. If needed, this can be done in real time directly at the logistics working station. Consequently, the goods receipt is available in all subsequent processes without delay. If the software notices discrepancies like a smaller quantity, however, it can adjust all information, and the goods receipt is updated accordingly.

Transparency in document processing

One major benefit of digitalizing processes is the higher transparency. Employees can check the reference and instantly see the procedure and the corresponding order, order confirmation, delivery note, and the invoice.

All processes become easy to follow. Furthermore, paper filing is avoided completely.

E-3 Magazine February 2019 (German)

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Gesine Liskien

Gesine Liskien is Marketing and PR manager at Tangro.

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