Database Roundtable with IBM & Oracle: Diversity Is The Way To Go
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Database Roundtable with IBM & Oracle: Diversity Is The Way To Go

There cannot be a monoculture in the SAP community. The success of SAP is based on a unique partner ecosystem, including database providers IBM and Oracle. Existing SAP customers have always preferred having a choice.

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The diversity and strength of the SAP community is a unique feature on a worldwide basis.  The success of SAP solutions is owed to the combination of strong, business-oriented and organizational knowledge paired with a great selection of IT architecture models.

SAP users have always had a choice in terms of infrastructure, operating systems, storage, databases and middleware. This degree of freedom stimulated competition and always allowed for perfect-fit solutions.


The SAP Business Suite on AnyDB – Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase or Hana – is the reference model for standard business management software.

Hardly anyone wants this setup to change – apart from SAP itself.

Business Suite Still Prevails

A survey conducted 18 months ago showed that the SAP portfolio customers that are organized in the German-language SAP user group (DSAG) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are largely based on the classic model.

According to DSAG Chairman of the Board Marco Lenck: “DSAG members have accumulated a lot of expertise in the Business Suite and are confident that it will map their processes efficiently now and in the future. Despite innovative products, the Business Suite must remain fit for the future.”

SAP has announced plans to introduce a monoculture based on S/4 and Hana by 2025, which has raised justified concerns within the SAP community.

The E-3 Magazine invited IBM and Oracle to meet their editorial team in Munich for a database roundtable. Martin Mezger, SAP Business Development Executive at IBM Analytics, and Gerhard Kuppler,Vice President SAP Alliances, Oracle Corporation, met with Senior Editor Peter M. Faerbinger.

Looking Into the Future

Which options and what strategy will existing SAP customers see over the next few years? A Hana symposium organized by the DSAG shows that SAP’s current development version of the Hana in-memory computing database is disastrous.

Attempts are being made to correct the situation with monthly updates and error remediation, however existing customers are totally overburdened by faulty Hana software code.

There are intensive discussions about alternatives to S/4 and Hana – and the E-3 database roundtable is no exception.


E-3 Magazine (German) - May 2017

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Peter M. Färbinger, Editor-in-Chief

Peter M. Färbinger is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at E-3 Magazine, AG, Munich, Germany. He can be reached at

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