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Cloud Foundry Community And Foundation Unite To Offer Tutorial Hub

The Cloud Foundry Foundation announced it has launched a hub for Cloud Foundry related tutorials to streamline the discovery and learning process for developers interested in learning more about the family of open source projects.

“Our community has created a learning hub, curated by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, of open source tutorials for folks to learn Cloud Foundry and related cloud native technologies,” said Chip Childers, executive director of Cloud Foundry Foundation. “The hub includes an interactive hands-on lab for first-time Cloud Foundry users to experience how easy the platform makes deploying applications to Kubernetes and is open for the community to contribute.”

Community and Cloud Foundry Foundation unite

The tutorials have been created and curated by the community and provide a free, simple way to learn about Cloud Foundry, including what it is, how to use it and why.

As developers discover more about the technology, they are able to provide comments directly to the community about what they’ve found valuable and what is missing, generating a cycle of feedback that enables the Foundation to create new materials to fill gaps in topics.


This feedback loop mimics the technical contribution to the open source project, perpetuating the collaborative and donative ethos of Cloud Foundry and other open source communities.

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