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CeBIT 2017: WMD To Present New Solutions For Optimizing Business Processes
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CeBIT 2017: WMD To Present New Solutions For Optimizing Business Processes

For CeBIT 2017, WMD Group will present current extensions made to its xSuite solution spectrum. The modules for various sets of orders, folders, contracts and archive are each aimed at reducing enterprise process costs. Slimming down IT infrastructure and administration, the solutions are available for SAP users as well as users of other ERP systems.

WMD’s xSuite links different processes with the most advance technology on a standardized platform. At the beginning of the process chain is the digital postal receipt solution Mailroom for the automatic content-based classification of incoming mail.

As a distribution station, it receives documents from various sources, processes them and, by means of a specific ruleset, forwards them automatically to the internal system. What is new for CeBIT 2017 is that this workflow engine distributes the “work packages” and deposits them in the archive.

Their electronic processing of inbound invoices is a best-practice solution that fully covers processing of inbound invoices with and without purchase order reference.



Included as well is scanning and classification at the outset of the prosess, approval workflows in and beyond SAP and the final posting step at the end.

WMD will also present an electronic workflow for procurement and a new solution for incoming order confirmations. The goal is to show ways in which to work digitally with documents that come up on a daily basis – demonstrated in cross-ERP-system folder and contract solutions.

Furthermore, the company also plans to demonstrate an archive system integrated for the purposes of document storage and tracking in SAP via ArchiveLink or as a web service.

In more technical terms, all modules are cast from a single mould.

With the xSuite as the central platform, end-to-end processes such as procure-to-pay and order-to-cash can be linked. The solution is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a solution for hybrid IT.

Lastly, the company has also developed a specialized solution for inbound invoices, filling the particular requirements of the public sector and will introduce this as well at CeBIT 2017.

WMD Group will also provide visitors with an opportunity to hear their input on “Totaly Digital, Digitally Ingenious”  in WMD Product Marketing Manager David Spaeth’s CeBIT talk.


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