AWS: Syslink Xandria Now Advanced Technology Partner
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AWS: Syslink Xandria Now Advanced Technology Partner

Syslink Xandria deepens its relationship with AWS as many of the company’s customers migrate their SAP workloads to AWS. The new solution, Xandria, is designed to improve productivity, automation, and compliance.

Syslink Xandria, a global provider of SAP and cloud management monitoring and automation solutions, announced that it has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). The company will also grant AWS customers access to an exclusive Solution Trial Offer that includes a health assessment report of their SAP landscape.

Syslink Xandria is a simple-to-use-and-install yet powerful SAP and cloud management solution. It offers performance-based AWS auto-scaling and also hybrid, cloud, and on-premises SAP landscape management designed to simplify the operations of large-scale SAP landscapes.

The solution automates SAP system cloud scaling based on an in-depth understanding of SAP performance metrics, business processes, and rules.

According to a Synergy Research Group report, companies spent $70 billion on cloud computing infrastructure services in 2018; with AWS taking up a large share of the market. The technology continues to develop and the popularity of cloud computing is increasing steadily. At the same time, SAP landscapes are becoming ever more complex.

Managing this complexity at scale, with high availability and reliability, is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Syslink Xandria provides visibility in AWS

“Syslink Xandria provides us with the visibility we need. We can now proactively manage SAP workloads across multiple clients,” said Aasif Karachi, Deloitte Africa. “Using Xandria on hundreds of SAP systems both on-premises and in the cloud, we’ve significantly increased productivity. This has led to increased client satisfaction and by leveraging automation and enhanced reporting, we are also able to visualize the entire system landscape in real time.”

Now, with Syslink Xandria’s new offering for AWS customers, companies can experience the benefits Xandria offers through an easy-to-install cloud deployment. In less than three hours, customers can install Syslink Xandria on any three servers running SAP for three weeks.

The solution is designed to automatically detect the customer’s SAP and AWS systems. It then applies best practice monitors and thresholds, including operating system, database, SAP-specific processes, and more.

Customers can get real-time visibility to their health and performance dashboard. They can furthermore access other capabilities such as predictive resource planning and SLA reporting. The three weeks of Syslink Xandria’s monitoring, managing, and automating of the customer’s SAP systems will culminate in a written health assessment.

“One of the biggest challenges of SAP cloud migration? Optimizing SAP systems in the dynamic cloud environment,” said Simon Wilson, COO at Syslink Xandria. “Syslink Xandria is leveraging the power of AWS; consequently helping SAP-centric businesses expedite their cloud migration and ensure cost savings and operational efficiency.”

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