Atos American Dream Nickelodeon [shutterstock: 1576838977, Skorzewiak]
[shutterstock: 1576838977, Skorzewiak]
Artificial Intelligence Press Release

Atos Artificial Intelligence To Power American Dream Attractions

Atos' solutions will enable American Dream to reduce downtime, increase guest satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.

Atos announced the delivery of its high-powered artificial intelligence, Codex AI Suite, to analyze data and predict attraction performance for Triple Five Group’s American Dream retail and entertainment complex.

This modern IoT and machine learning platform will enable American Dream to reduce downtime, increase guest satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.

Atos’ Codex AI Suite collects and stores data from hundreds of ride sensors, which feeds into an algorithm that detects apparent trends, anomalies and unique identifiers of a machine’s state. It is an easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective solution to help American Dream rapidly build and deploy artificial intelligence applications, better extract value from data and develop new business opportunities.


The solution will establish a baseline of data analytics using historical data captured from the ride controller and activated through apps rendering on any device.

Atos BullSequana Edge helping American Dream

As part of the contract, Atos’ Codex AI Suite will be enabled by multiple BullSequana Edge servers from Atos. The BullSequana Edge servers will be placed on-site throughout Nickelodeon Universe, American Dream’s indoor theme park, and the Observation Wheel for powerful AI inference and real-time analytics at the edge while keeping data safe and secure.

This will enable American Dream to predict in real-time the performance of these two attractions, in order to reduce downtime and increase guest satisfaction.

In addition to delivering AI products and services, Atos will provide four research-driven AI Labs, each ranging from 6 to 12 weeks, to focus on validation of cognitive solutions for American Dream’s attraction team.

The AI Labs will help accelerate time to value in the main four areas of prescriptive maintenance, predictive failure, modern Internet of Things platforms and machine learning platforms.


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