One Analytics Tool For The Entire Value Chain
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One Analytics Tool For The Entire Value Chain

With the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), decision makers now have a tool for highly specific analysis from source systems in real time and across the entire value chain.

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Corporate decisions are always based upon information. Meaning that the decisions can naturally only be as good as the information they are based upon. Up-to-date data is a decisive competitive advantage for companies. In the course of digital transformation, the amount, diversity, and importance of data is steadily increasing.

The software as a service (SaaS) offer SAP Analytics Cloud is based on the SAP Cloud Platform and therefore has all the advantages of Hana in-memory technology. While analytics tools have previously been using data from the day before, this new solution makes it possible to adapt corporate processes to new situations or even individual customers in real time.

SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence

Regardless of size, more and more companies realize the importance of suitable business intelligence applications and advanced analytics. The SAP Analytics Cloud combines the three analytical areas business intelligence, planning, and simulation and prediction to a single tool. Consequently, SAC is a real alternative to decentralized, isolated solutions while minimizing maintenance and training efforts as well as compliance risks.

SAC also makes it possible for different departments to control and manage their solutions without IT support. With the intuitive user interface, users can easily create dashboards, data models and allocations through drag-and-drop. Furthermore, historical and real time data can be analyzed on different levels of operation and corresponding simulations and predictions can be derived. Integrated workflows and communication tools simplify working together on reports, evaluations, simulations and plans.

Analytics tools like SAC are important for nearly every industry now. It is relevant for users in need of fast and efficient reporting for plans, simulations and immediate process adaptations, making it as interesting for management as for manufacturing or stationary stores.

In shops, the analytics tool can evaluate information about the number of customers, their purchase history and their preferences. Consequently, advertisements, playlists and offers can be individualized.

With or without SAP environment

The use of this browser-based solution requires no specific system. It can be put into operation without complex installations.

Hana is the foundation for the live data transmission. The SAP Analytics Cloud can be seamlessly integrated into existing SAP environments and contains all analytics tools as well as mobile applications with one log-in.

However, customers without SAP environments can also use the analytics tool. Called up through a browser, SAC can access different kinds of corporate data, regardless of whether it is from a third-party ERP system or a simple Excel spreadsheet. For the visualization of analysis using, for example, spreadsheets, dashboards or infographics, the Digital Boardroom is the ideal add-on for SAP Analytics Cloud.

Allgeier as SAP Cloud Focus Partner specializes in the development and implementation of SAP solutions. Furthermore, the company itself works with S/4 Hana Public Cloud and the connected SAC. This means various benefits for the customer.

The previous implementation of many SAP solutions for clients from nearly every industry lets customers profit from best practices and already developed templates. Allgeier can therefore adapt quickly to specific industry requirements and the SAP Analytics Cloud can be put into operation in no time.

E-3 Magazine November 2018 (German)

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Lucas Beha, Allgeier

Lucas Beha is Associate Consultant Midmarket Services at Allgeier.

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