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Who We Are

For more than 10 years, Germany-based E-3 Magazine has covered the development of the SAP-Community in the DACH-Region. In 2017, we are bringing the best independent news outlet for SAP related topics to the global stage.

Closely connected to IT professionals from programmers and engineers all the way up C-level executives as well as researchers, analysts and academics worldwide, we strive to provide a unique scope of topics for our readers – extensive, on point and on time.

Positioning ourselves as an independent magazine also means covering both sides of the coin. There is a lot of variety in the SAP community and we want to make sure to give every part of that community a voice.  In short: We want to make sure that valuable information for your daily experience as an SAP user gets through to you – no matter how „small“ or „big“ the author may be.

Our Mission

E-3 Magazine is a special-interest magazine devoted to SAP software and related topics. It’s a scene’zine covering business and technical solutions in today’s SAP marketplace. E-3 articles add to and expand on the information supplied by SAP itself. Its ultimate goal is to help readers achieve greater success with ERP, Business Suite, NetWeaver, SolMan, Hana and S/4 etc. – individually, business-wise and technically.

The Webzine aims to cover the whole of the value-adding chain in companies, because this is the biggest challenge for the future. The information it delivers enhances competent and successful use of the integrated standard software ERP, SoH or S/4 in building efficient extended enterprises. E-3 Magazine provides the map to explore the world of SAP.

E-3 targets all kinds of user, from IT beginners to computer center supervisors. E-3 offers something for everyone in clear language, deliberately avoiding tech speak. Detailed research, conducted by skilled journalists and analysts, offers new insights for end-users and experts alike. Lively and accurate journalism gives readers broad knowledge and new insights into ERP/ECC 6.0, Business Suite, S/4, Hana, HEC and HCP and its working environment.

High-Tech to Provide You Quality Content

Great journalism is our mission, but that is far from the end of the story: We are also trying to provide the best user experience possible while browsing our articles. Our online-team is focused on delivering that experience by a large list of cutting-edge technology running in the background.

Sounds like an exaggeration? We are not limiting ourselves to constantly improve on things you see at the front end like load times and availability worldwide.

Among other things, we are for example running semantic analysis in the background to provide you with more than just a few suggested articles from the same category.  There’s more to be gained from your valuable reading time if you can get suggestions on the same topic but maybe also from a different perspective! How about getting a user report or success story in addition to the analyst’s report you just clicked on? Here, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Get our Content Wordwide

To make sure you are always getting the content you want within the shortest possible time, we have put our site on a state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network. (CDN). Regardless of whether you are in Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Americas or Africa: you can always take with you!

After all, it is about matching the global scope of information we provide, with the global scope of the work you do every day.

Call for Papers

Lastly, community is big for us – so big we actively want to encourage you to participate! Do you have a story to share but don’t know how to get it out to the world? Is your company working hard on innovations that can improve the work life of SAP users around the globe daily but you are not sure how to spread the word?

Feel free to contact us at any time and become an author yourself or have your content published through our editorial department. We’re glad to help!

Want to make sure to stay up to date? Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

Call for Papers

Editorial Guidelines

Some of our readers wonder why certain naming conventions that are standard in the industry do not apply for us.

We are aware that a lot of our readers are spending a significant part of their day in front of screens, mobile devices, tablets. Not only does that take a toll on our reader’s eyes, it also makes focusing on a very specific, in-depth report hard – no matter how good the article may be.

Companies big and small often invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into exploiting the full potential of the ASCII code in order to make their product names, logos, press releases, etc. look as unique and recognizable as possible.

This may be great when placing said logos, products, etc. on an advertising wall next to a highway, where potential customers are driving by at 60 mph, however, when faced with large bits of text over the internet, the reader often does not appreciate the effort nearly as much as originally intended.

Over-use of capital letters, a myriad of abbreviations coupled with often complex topics can make reading well researched articles a quite exhausting task.

As a platform for information and community building, our value is primarily in getting our content across. That means other goals (i.e. marketing specifc) will always be placed back to achieve this priority

We have hence set forth the following editorial guidelines when it comes to creating our content:

If you say it like a name, we write it like a name. Best example would be SAP’s Hana platform. We all pronounce Hana as if it was a name, hence there is only a capital letter at the beginning despite the official product name: SAP HANA®.

In contrast, nobody would say Sap (as in sap-ling for instance) when talking about the German company, hence SAP (pronounced S-A-P) will keep its capitalization.

This is a tried and tested journalistic approach to providing a better reading experience and has also been in practice with large news outlets and magazines for many years around the globe.

In addition, whenever legally possible we will remove © and ® to the same end.

Of course, this whole matter is at the discretion of our editors: It would hardly make any sense to let go of the capitalization of names that otherwise denominate different things.

Think of the US Navy’s SEAL Team for example.

Lastly, we try to avoid including designations for legal forms of organization such as Inc., Ltd., etc. for the reasons already outlined above.

We are in our first year, so we have decided to provide interested advertisers with an early-contributor model only available until January 1st 2018.

Advertising on our platform will be charged only with a contribution towards necessary expenses and includes a time-based model until January 1st 2018.

For a detailed overview on location, appearance and pricing, please refer to the gallery and tables included below.

Available Banner-Sizes

Size / TypeHeaderFullsizeSidebarPopUp
Size1310×80 px.825×100 px.290×240 px.800×300 px.

Location of Banners on


Size & Location dependent Pricing per Period

Type & Location / Period45 days – global90 days – global180 days -global360 days -global
Header @ HOME EUR 670 / USD 715EUR 1180 / USD 1255EUR 2020 / USD 2145EUR 2700 / USD 2865
Fullsize @ HOMEEUR 530 / USD 565EUR 930 / USD 990EUR 1590 / USD 1685EUR 2120 / USD 2250
Fullsize @ CATEGORY – EUR 440 / USD 470EUR 770 / USD 820EUR 1325 / USD 1405EUR 1170  / USD 1880
Fullsize @ POSTEUR 880 / USD 935EUR 1550 / USD 1645EUR 2650 / USD 2810EUR 3540 / 3755
Popup @ POSTEUR 880 / USD 935EUR 1550 / USD 1645EUR 2650 / USD 2810EUR 3540 / 3755
Sidebar @ ALLEUR 600 / USD 640EUR 1040 / USD 1105EUR 1790 / USD 1900EUR 2390 / USD 2535
Defintion@ HOME: The frontpage you see when visiting our site@ CATEGORY: The post-category you see when clicking on the menu at the top of the page. Example: Business@ POST: Banner visible on individual article.@ ALL: Visible on all posts & categories on desktop version. Sidebar not visible on mobile devices.

Advertising Based on Geolocations

We provide our advertisers with the possibility to show their banners only in specific locations. This is not only limited to continents and regions but also specific countries. If you are looking for a country-specific campaign, please feel free to contact us and our staff will be in touch with an individual offer.

Please note that this option is largely dependent on availability as we want to make sure that your advertisement gets seen. world regions to place web banners – please ask for specific countries

Content-based Advertising

We provide you with special advertising opportunities in form of special reports, user reports, etc. These will be priced according to the actual work involved. Please contact us at any time with your request and our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.


If you want to showcase your proficiency in your field of activity, our Advertorial is the way to go. You will get an article, a PDF download and more targeted advertising directly on our site. Note: Advertorials are marked and are a special advertising format outside of our editorial guidelines. For an individual offer, please get in touch with our staff.

To make getting your Advertorial online as smooth and simple as possible, we have put together a package to get you started right away:

E-3zine Advertorial

Included Services:

  • Editing and proof-reading by a native speaker.
  • 1x Header picture. 2x Post on Facebook.
  • 2x Tweets.
  • Entry in our List of Authors with picture and bio.
  • Placement in our Front-Page-Slider for 7 days.

Package Price: EUR 950 / USD 1000

Optional Services:

  • 7-Day-Extension on Front-Page placement: EUR 400 / USD 450.
  • Videolink: EUR 150 / USD 200.
  • Targeted Links: EUR 150 / USD 200
  • Image Gallery (up to 20 pictures): EUR 250 / USD 300
    Prices excluding VAT

Premium Partner Newsfeed

Want to make sure to get your news directly to our readers? Our Premium Partner Newsfeed gets your Twitter Account’s feed directly on our site, giving our audience a chance to not only see your updates live but also enabling them to interact (share, like, retweet) directly from our site.

E3zine Premium Partner Newsfeed

Monthly4 Months12 Months
CostsEUR 4500 / USD 5000EUR 15.000 / USD 15.500EUR 50.000 / USD 50500

Fair-Use Policy


We are aware that articles published on our site may be of value to you and your customers. To minimize bureaucratic requirements for re-use of our content, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Usage rights for content published on will remain with AG without exception.
  2. The following guidelines are applicable for online publications only. For re-use in print publications please contact our editorial staff.
  3. To re-use our content in parts or as a whole, you are required to re-link to our original content from your website.
  4. You are further required to not only link but also notify your audience that the content you used has been published as an original on first.
  5. Linking and declaring re-use is also applicable for relevant publication on your Social Media channels. Due to character limitation, it is sufficient on Twitter to tweet at us @e3zine or simply retweet our original content.
  6. Please note that images published with our content are not covered by this fair-use policy. License to image material must be obtained separately from the corresponding authors.

For re-use of our content in print publications, questions regarding our Fair-Use Policy, please contact our editorial staff through our contact form. Publisher AG, Munich (Germany):

1.An advertising order as defined by the following General Terms and Conditions is the contract for the publication of one or more advertisements of an advertising customer in an online publication of AG (hereinafter referred to as The advertising order placed becomes legally binding immediately after confirmation in writing by Additional oral agreements become effective immediately after confirmation in writing by

Fax or e-mail are accepted as written forms. Solely the General Terms and Conditions of apply to the advertising order. General terms and conditions of the customer which are inconsistent with or deviate from the General Terms and Conditions of shall not become an integral part of the contract, unless expressly approves of their validity on a case-by-case basis.

2. Advertising orders are assigned to a certain medium of and contain a diagram of the advertisements for booked issues. Orders for advertisements and third-party supplements, which are to be published exclusively in certain numbers, certain issues or in certain places of the medium, must be received in due time by, i.e. by the closing deadline according to the booking order, so that the customer can be notified in good time before the closing date if an order can or cannot be executed. Cancellations or postponements of advertisements shall be communicated no later than 2 weeks before the official closing date of the respective issue. If the deadline is not met, can claim payment for the reservation of the advertising space.

3. Advertisements, which are not recognizable as advertisements due to their editorial design, can be identified as such by through the use of the word “Advertisement”. The customer bears sole responsibility for the content and the legal admissibility of the text and the image documents provided for the insertion. The customer is responsible for indemnifying from third party claims against which arise on the basis of the execution of the order, even when it was to be cancelled. is not obligated to check orders and advertisements to see whether they infringe third party rights.

4. reserves the right to refuse advertising orders, due to content, source or the technical form, when their content violates laws or official regulations, third-party rights or offends against accepted principles of morality or the publication thereof cannot be reasonably expected of (withdrawal). In this case, also has the right to remove individual content or individual passages of the text from the advertisement without prior announcement. In such a case the customer cannot assert any claims against Orders for supplements are binding on only after a specimen supplement has been submitted to and approved by The customer accepts sole responsibility for all legal consequences resulting from the content of advertising orders or an advertising message and shall indemnify from any and all third-party claims, particularly in case of claims for damages or counterstatement. The customer shall also assume all the costs incurred by for legal defense. is not obligated to check the contents of advertisements for their legal admissibility and possible infringement of third-party rights.

5. The customer is responsible for the timely delivery of the advertisement. requests immediate replacement of obviously unsuitable or flawed advertisements. If defects in the data are not immediately recognizable, but become clear during the publishing process or subsequent processing of the data, then the customer shall not be entitled to file any claims against based on unsatisfactory quality. The customer is responsible for all data given to the publisher. The customer is liable for the freedom from viruses or other impairments of any files transferred by it.

6. The customer can claim a payment reduction or a clean replacement advertisement to be published for a completely or partially illegible, incorrect or incomplete publication of the advertisement, subject to the provision in section 5, but only to the extent to which the purpose of the advertisement was adversely affected. If allows a reasonable grace period set for a clean replacement to elapse or if the replacement advertisement is not clean, then the customer has a right to payment reduction or cancellation of the order, provided that the purpose of the advertisement was adversely affected. Claims for damages are limited to compensation of the damage up to the amount of the advertisement fee paid. This does not apply to any intent and gross negligence on the part of Liability for gross negligence is limited to compensation of the foreseeable damage up to the amount of the advertisement fee paid. Legal liability for personal injuries and liability based on the German Product Liability Law remains unaffected by this; the defense of contributory negligence remains open for B4Bmedia. net. Further claims for damages, regardless of the reason, are excluded, also if the order was placed by telephone. Complaints must be asserted within 4 (four) weeks after receipt of the invoice except in the case of non-obvious defects.

7. takes account of error corrections of which it is informed by the deadline set.. If the customer does not reply to the transmitted  correction by the deadline set, the customer’s approval of the correction is considered given. If any faults in the advertisement cannot be immediately recognized, but are only noticed during the printing process, the advertiser has no claims against B4Bmedia. net in the event of inadequate advertising quality. Claims against based on faulty reproduction are excluded if corrections were notified by telephone.

8. If the website is not available as the advertisment is to be published, the customer has no right to cancel advertising orders. If technical recovery of the website is not possible at all, the customer may withdraw from the contract or request that the advertisement be published after a replacement has been set up.

9. If the customer has not prepaid, the invoice is sent immediately, as far as possible 14 days after publication of the advertisement. The invoice shall be paid 10 days from the date of the invoice in accordance with the terms of payment, unless a different period or prepayment is agreed in an individual case. Upon request, supplies a screenshot copy of the advertisement with the invoice. Instead of a copy which can no longer be obtained, a legally binding certification by shall apply on the appearance and circulation of the advertisement.

10. In the event of a default of payment or deferment of payment, interest of 5 (five) percent above the effective base rate of the European Central Bank is charged, however at least 6 (six) percent, in addition to collection costs. When there is a default of payment, may delay further execution of the current advertising order until payment and if applicable, demand prepayment of the remaining advertisements. If there is reasonable doubt of the customer’s ability to pay, may also make the appearance of further advertisements dependent on the payment of outstanding invoice amounts as well as on the prepayment of further advertisements during the term of an advertisement order irrespective of an originally stipulated term of payment. The publisher can also demand security in case of doubt about a customer’s ability to pay or in the event of payment default. The costs that the customer pays for the pre-judicial warnings amount to € 2.50 / $ 3.00 for the 2nd warning and € 6.00 / $ 7.00 for the 3rd warning.

11. The customer shall bear the costs of the production of requested and ordered PDF files and/or special reproduction requests; the customer is also responsible for the cost of significant changes requested to the original advertising order.

12. The price list of von published at the time when the order is placed applies. However, price changes are only effective for orders confirmed by if they are announced at least one month before publication of the advertising material. In the event of a price increase, the customer has a right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal must be exercised within 14 days after receipt of the notification about the price increase. Discounts are determined in accordance with the effective price list. Advertising agencies and other advertising intermediaries are obligated to adhere to the price list in their offers, contracts and billing with advertising customers. The agency fee granted by may not be passed on in whole or in part to customers of advertising agencies and other advertising intermediaries.

13. Copies and/or data or data media are returned to the customer only when requested or when there is a corresponding note in the order. The obligation to retain such items ends three months after the expiry of the order, unless expressly otherwise agreed.

14. is not obliged to publish any user data, particularly data on impressions, click rates or any other statistical data related to their websites and corresponding social media channels. Data cleared for release will be released only at the discretion of This does not limit the right for inquiry about statistical data by the customer before placing the advertising order.

15. The E-3 editorial team of may edit, supplement, rewrite or shorten proposed texts, reports, commentaries, interviews, images or other contributions at any time according to the generally applicable editorial guidelines of the E-3 editorial team. The editorial team also reserves the right to moderate any user-commentaries posted on Commentaries submitted anonymously will be treated as spam.  In the process, it is assumed that the contributions are provided exclusively to; however, there is no obligation to publish on the part of without written agreement. The author/writer declares upon sending such material that he is fully entitled to all the copyrights, ancillary copyrights or other rights (personal rights or trademark rights) required for publication using the advertisement including all the articles, reports, commentaries, interviews, images or other contributions provided.

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