xsuite certification sap ilm [shutterstock: 1525081304, Maha Heang 245789]
[shutterstock: 1525081304, Maha Heang 245789]
Management Press Release

xSuite’s Archive Receives Certification For SAP ILM

xSuite has developed a new SAP ILM add-on for its electronic archive.

The solution was certified by SAP for the use of the SAP WebDAV storage interface. GDPR compliance in data handling already worked with xSuite’s archive. The archive included all functions necessary, including the important ability to define retention periods and to lock documents, making them tamper-proof (“legal hold”).

However, larger SAP customer companies in particular now rely on SAP ILM. Information lifecycle management means taking a holistic view of data and documents throughout their lifecycle. It can be used to manage and implement compliance requirements resulting from not only the European GDPR, but also other international directives, all from a central hub. For this, certification of the ILM interface of the connected archive is recommended. xSuite has now taken this step.

SAP ILM can also be used for regular and automatic deletion of documents and data that are no longer required if, for instance, their retention periods have expired. This prevents unnecessary accumulation of data that are no longer needed and makes projects like S/4 migration much easier to implement.

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