Xandria: Fresh Monitoring Experience with Actionable Analytics for SAP
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Xandria: Fresh Monitoring Experience with Actionable Analytics for SAP

Syslink just made the newest update to the Xandria solution for monitoring SAP systems available in October. Xandria now offers enhances capabilities in the areas of landscape visibility, predictive resource planning and audit-readiness.

Over 23 years of experience in the SAP market, with 18 as an SAP partner, are poured into a new version of the Xandia solution that provides best-practice monitoring combined with proactive, predictive analysis and resource planning, helping enterprises to prevent failures and simplify operations running on SAP software.

“With over 2,000 retail stores and 80,000 employees, our SAP system landscape is very large, with many components. We can’t even imagine managing and monitoring it without Xandria. No other solution in the market can give us the same results,” said Rochus Tresch, head of SAP development at Coop.

He also added, “Even the migration to Hana was easier thanks to Xandria. We’ve used it to monitor our landscape before, during and after the migration, to ensure we received the expected performance enhancements by migrating Hana.”

“Having Xandria installed on more than 10,000 SAP systems and over 1,000 Hana systems gave us a tremendous amount of feedback on how to make the new version a world-class product,” said Bernd Engist, head of Syslink development. “It gives our customers insights into their SAP system landscape behavior, allowing them to be proactive in preventing failures and better plan their budget, time and resources.”

The new Syslink Xandria version will not only help companies streamline SAP system management by reducing failures, simplifying everyday operations and monitoring, but it is also leveraging predictive analysis to increase service availability. It offers these enhanced capabilities:

  • Complete landscape visibility Xandria provides organizations with complete visibility into their SAP system landscape and performance issues as well as resource utilization. Intuitive dashboards and extensive reporting capabilities provide CIOs, CTOs as well as Basis engineers with the information they need.
  • Using predictive resource planning, companies can proactively budget and plan their hardware and personnel resources not having to wait to the last moment and solving problems before they spiral.
  • Real-time audit readiness – using Xandria allows engineers to provide a detailed audit trail for every change done in the system in a press of a button, saving enterprises weeks of preparation while helping ensure compliance with security policies

The newest version is available to the public since October and was also succesfully demonstrated at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.

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