Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Fellow and Chief Technology Officer EMEIA: What’s on the CTO’s mind?
Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Fellow and Chief Technology Officer EMEIA
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Fujitsu Fellow Joseph Reger : What’s on the CTO’s mind?

Fujitsu's Chief Technology Officer Joseph Reger is known for his holistic view of the concerns of the IT industry. In an exclusive E-3 interview he positions OpenStack in the SAP community.

Dear Dr. Reger, how would you explain the OpenStack concept to an existing SAP customer with a traditional R/3 data center?

Joseph Reger: OpenStack is an Open Source based operational environment for cloud data centers – whether they are self-operated on premise, but are also of interest for operators of public clouds. OpenStack is the preferred operational environment, particularly with regard to the SAP cloud strategy and the resulting extended options of also being able to set up hybrid SAP scenarios. Thus, if an existing SAP customer’s goal is to have a cloud operating platform, which is something such a customer should do, then OpenStack is the way to go.

Is OpenStack only something for innovative cloud users or does this free IT architecture also have a more far-reaching significance?

Reger: In addition to low-cost and reliable operations, data centers always call for more agility. A vendor lock-in – be it for middleware or even hardware – should also be avoided. All this is promised by using OpenStack and that is why it is highly interesting for CIOs. It goes without saying that the activities of SAP also play an important role in the SAP environment. However, new applications have to communicate with the classic applications and this calls for hybrid scenarios. Experience has shown that this of course works more efficiently if similar operating models are taken as a basis – in this case OpenStack can be the better answer than an integration platform.

What significance does OpenStack have for Fujitsu itself?

Reger: Fujitsu strategically uses OpenStack – there have been official press releases to this end. For us this also means that Fujitsu will in future use OpenStack as the operational environment for its own cloud offerings from more than 100 data centers worldwide. Furthermore, Fujitsu is a member of the OpenStack Community and also the OpenStack Consortium, where it also makes active contributions towards further development.

And what significance could OpenStack have for Fujitsu/SAP customers? What do you recommend to an existing SAP customer? 

Reger: For many years Fujitsu‘s Primeflex for SAP Landscapes based on Flexframe Orchestrator has provided a standardized operational environment for classic and Hana based SAP landscapes. This means that Fujitsu already provides an operating platform today, which ensures highly reliable and low-cost SAP operations. We are already working on gradually integrating FlexframeOrchestrator functionality with OpenStack. In other words, our customers will use the quasi-standard OpenStack with special, very convenient additional features for fully integrated, largely automated SAP operations.


Thank you for the interview.

E-3 Magazine (German) Cover Story September 2015

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Joseph Reger, Fujitsu

Dr. Joseph Reger has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with various Fujitsu entities since 2002.

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