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Using CodeProfiler for Abap, Virtual Forge is able to identify and prevent leakage in the Abap source code. [shutterstock: 263977949, Tashatuvango]
[shutterstock: 263977949, Tashatuvango]
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Virtual Forge is Awarded European Patent for Its New Data Leak Prevention Approach

The European Patent Office has granted Virtual Forge a patent for an innovative method for Data Leak Prevention (DLP) in SAP systems. The new method, which is based on Virtual Forge’s security software CodeProfiler for Abap, identifies the data leakage channels of sensitive data in the Abap source code.

Virtual Forge uses what is called a static data leak prevention analysis. This is initialized much earlier in the process than other methods, which merely monitor the potential SAP data leakage exit points in the company network.

A proactive approach is taken to detect the points within the Abap source code which could be used fraudulently by an attacker or inadvertently by an employee.

The result is a report for customers that identifies the weak points in the SAP source code and provides concrete action recommendations for remediation.



“SAP applications are increasingly in the focus of hackers and attackers, which, in turn, elevates the probability of attacks,” according to the patent specification of the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, Germany.

“The data leak prevention method taken by Virtual Forge follows an innovative approach that brings additional, unique advantages for security analyses of business applications.” ,says Dr. Markus Schumacher, Managing Director at Virtual Forge.

He continues,“That the European patent has been granted to us demonstrates just how innovative our data leak prevention approach is for SAP security. It protects a key building block of our offering and strengthens our market position.”

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