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[shutterstock: 1105107641, everything possible]
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Trintech Releases Cadency 9.0

Trintech announced the release of Cadency 9.0.

 The latest update to Trintech Cadency’s comprehensive system of accounting intelligence offers new support for transaction and account reconciliation, journal entry, systems integrations, artificial intelligence and overall usability for large enterprises.

New features in Trintech Cadency

As a central part of the update, Cadency 9.0 consists of several foundational enhancements to improve the Cadency user experience; providing intuitive, easy-to-use and standardized functionality that drives greater efficiencies in daily workflows. A collapsible sidebar navigation allows users to navigate to any page with a single click. In addition, the reporting experience has also been enhanced with streamlined navigation, search, edit, export, view, and run/schedule capabilities to reduce the time and effort of generating reports.

Cadency 9.0’s transaction and account reconciliation enhancements are designed to enhance the speed, accuracy and transparency for what ultimately creates the foundation of a reliable financial statement. Customers will gain greater visibility into overdue journals, decreasing overall financial risk by ensuring SLA’s are being enforced per policy and the journals are approved on time. In addition, the introduction of Aged Item Email Notifications will provide greater transparency and control into the management of reconciliations.


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