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[shutterstock: 1106036012, New Africa]
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Support Revolution Is Cyber Essentials Certified

Support Revolution is now Cyber Essentials (CE) certified.

CE is a UK government-backed scheme created by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Its goal is to provide guidance to organisations on how to protect against cyber-attacks and provides certifications to organisations like Support Revolution that follow its guidelines.

The CE scheme and certification is built around 5 core pillars which it sets criteria against:

  1. Secure your Internet connection
  2. Secure your devices and software
  3. Control access to your data and services
  4. Protect from viruses and other malware
  5. Keep your devices and software up to date

While these may seem basic, many organisations do not have solid policies in place around these areas, effectively leaving the front door unlocked to their systems. What’s worse, while your organisation may have its security in hand, your partner organisations may not, undoing all of your hard work.

What difference does this make to Support Revolution customers?

The CE certification demonstrates the strength of the standard security processes that Support Revolution already follows. From automatic and time-sensitive device and software updates to physically and digitally securing all of their devices, they ensure that their data remains safe.

CE certifies the strength of internal security and processes, but Support Revolution also does a lot to ensure customers’ data and systems remain safe and maintain up to date security.

Support Revolution
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