Secude Halocore Secures Sensitive SAP Purchasing Processes
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Secude Halocore Secures Sensitive SAP Purchasing Processes

Secude, SAP partner and data security provider specializing in security for SAP software, announced the implementation of its solution Halocore at the Research Centre Imarat (RCI) in Hyderabad, India.

The RCI is a leading institute of the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDO) and pertains to the Indian Ministry of Defence. Halocore controls both access and export of sensitive SAP data, that are handled in the purchasing processes of the research centre, and thus protects politically important information against data misuse.

It is already planned to deploy the solution in other SAP-supported business processes of the RCI and in associated institutes.

Minimizing Risk of Data Misuse and Securing National Interests

The RCI is responsible for research and development of missile systems, guided weapons and advanced avionics for the Indian Armed Forces. To streamline and to improve internal operations, the institute leverages information technology to a great degree.

To break operational silos and to integrate vital processes for a seamless throughput, they use SAP as their central solution for enterprise resource planning.

That’s the place where all the sensitive and strictly confidential data of the organization is stored and processed.

Before Halocore has been installed, multiple users across functions not only had access to the centre’s purchase and order transactions, but also had the capability to download or even print copies of the confidential documents.

That increased the risk for data loss and misuse that not only can affect the operations of the research centre but also the national security of India.

Halocore controls Access and Export of Sensitive SAP Data

To close the security gap between the SAP system and its users, the RCI decided to implement Halocore – currently the only ideal solution for this demand on the market.

The modules “Block” and “Protect” allow to assign granular authorization rights for access, download and printout of confidential purchasing documents – without affecting the legitimate access permissions to the SAP transactions.

The necessary technology components to achieve this, are an intelligent classification, a powerful encryption, and a granular and customizable rights management.

Moreover, the organization uses the module “Monitor” to supervise and document all export and print operations and to be able to react quickly in case of a security incident.

“We are in a very serious domain – technology for national security. Naturally, we take extreme precaution to protect our data inside and outside our premises. Secude convinced us of the robustness of its SAP data security solution, Halocore, after a string of discussions, demonstrations and a pilot project to gauge its performance within our operational environment,” says Gautam Mahapatra, Director Technology and Systems at RCI.

He conldudes, “With the solution, that is deeply integrated into SAP, we are now doubly reassured of the security of our data – despite multifarious threats”


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