SAP Startup Focus Series: MyOmega & Nitish Agrawal Pt.1
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SAP Startup Focus Series: MyOmega & Nitish Agrawal Pt.1

The SAP Startup Focus Series is a showcase of the companies and people behind SAP's Startup Focus Program. The program enables young companies to make their big data, predictive and analytics solutions come to life with Hana. This time, we take a look at MyOmega.

MyOmega is a true IoT company. The company started in 2013 and has since created a sizeable portfolio of solutions for Hana, Azure and more. E-3 had a chance to talk MyOmega about past, present and future.

E-3: How and when did you have the idea for MyOmega and what has happened since?

MyOmega: In 1991 Bernd Moeller, Managing Director of MyOmega, began his career in the mobile & technology industry. He holds more than 20 platform, security and architecture patents for UMTS, LTE and the smartphone.

In 2013, he founded MyOmega, the technology company for the Internet of Things. MYNXG, an IoT ecosystem for the monitoring and control of machines, products and logistics, which creates user benefits through intelligent design and ready-to-go or tailor-made solutions:

  • Cloud software on Microsoft Azure and SAP Hana,
  • Gateways based on Intel Atom Chipsets,
  • Gateway operating systems based on Linux kernel and Google Android,
  • Sensor solutions on ARM Cortex architectures.

Our management team and co-owner have more than 150 years’ experience in technology. Together with our enthusiastic employees, we represent a massive know-how that creates MYNXG. MyOmega is a young company, but based on a giant platform experience with a clear vision for MYNXG.


E-3: What kind of support did you get in starting your company?

MyOmega: We financed our MYNXG Solution through projects. SAP Startup Focus program has been attracted to us by a first MYNXG IoT application “TracoVino”. Together with the SAP Startup Focus Team, we integrated this application into the Hana Cloud.

Since that time, we are working closely with this team.

E-3: Requirements regarding performance, flexibility, security and capability for integration are high in IoT systems. How do you deal with that?

MyOmega: We have been ISO 270001 certified since 2014. For this certification, we have adapted the workplace environment to the test criteria. Together with our employees, we have first introduced the processes and are now living these completely self-evidently.

Clear structures and the Clean Desk Sharing and Clean Desk Policy help very much.

E-3: Gateways are playing an important role for IoT. What’s unique about MYNXG in that regard?

MyOmega: MYNXG CTRL d3 is more than just a gateway, it’s the core of Industrial IoT and links machines into a comprehensive Internet of Things ecosystem.

The MYNXG d3 Industrial Controller aggregates and processes data, controls devices and reads sensors, the MYNXG d3 is ideal for Edge Computing. The hardware is designed robust and reliable for the industrial usage.

The MYNXG d3 Industrial Controller is supporting LTE, WiFi and capillary networks.

It can be easily adapted to the needs of each business by adding customized connector boards. The MYNXG Controller d3 is intended for the following user scenarios (applications):

  • Machinery monitoring, linking machines to the cloud.
  • Shop floor monitoring, collecting data from the production floor.
  • Real Time Localization Services (RTLS) infrastructure for indoor positioning to enable advanced shop floor monitoring.
  • Logistics monitoring, managing C-parts and goods.
  • Product monitoring, machines at the customer in-site the field.
  • Linking and coupling of data collection points out of machinery or facility electrical cabinets towards the cloud.

The d3 is supported through the MYNXG Transformation and MYNXG Service Layer and is fully remote controllable through a rich set of functions provided through private, hybrid or hosted cloud systems.

E-3: What is the focus for MyOmega in terms of industries, company sizes and regions?

MyOmega: Our focus is on SMEs.  The MYNXG solutions can used for transport monitoring, in the logistics industry, as well as for the monitoring of liquids and many other applications. We are not limited to any regions.

E-3: Are external sources of data supported?

MyOmega: The MYNXG Ecosystem can be used to integrate the most diverse databases and data sources. This is where the customer’s preference comes in.

E-3: Are concerns about security in IoT more prevalent on the German market?

MyOmega: Our experience in this sector is very different. The companies want to have the greatest security for their data. We can provide the customer with that through our security solution.

It is important to talk with the customer about the security concerns, to name all the ambiguities and to offer a solution.

E-3: What potential do you see for AI?

MyOmega: We see the greatest potential in intelligent automation technologies, which, in contrast to existing technologies, enable more flexible machine control via sensors and data, as well as the direct interaction between man and machine.

Technologies such as “Affective Computing”, which is used rather rarely across industries, are used more frequently in the automotive sector than in other industries. In the process, machines recognize and interpret human emotions and warn them, for example, of tiredness or accidents.

E-3: What kind of support do you provide for planning a MYNXG implementation?

MyOmega: We organize a workshop. In this workshop, all facts and data are collected. After the meeting, the customer receives a detailed summary with an exact quotation. In this offer, all steps from the project roadmap to the work packages are explained. In addition, weekly meetings are held.

E-3: What are the next steps for MyOmega and how does SAP Startup Focus support you?

MyOmega: We intend to further develop the key account in Germany, to scale the current products and to market its solutions further into the market.

Here we want to use the good SAP presence securely and search the access through the internal organization to the huge SAP customer base. In addition, international projects are certainly a logical next step.

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